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How to Change Gears on a Bike Like a Pro

Today we’re going to explain to you how to properly change your gears on your bike. Changing the gears of the bike not so hard task.

There is some tricky simple process of how you can do it properly.  In this article, we have discussed details of how you can your bike gear like a boss.

Controls Shifter

Let’s start from the top of the handlebars that you have a left and right shifter. The left controls the front derailleur and the right controls the rear derailleur.

The derailleur is the part that helps the chain move to a different position where they’re making it easier or harder to pedal with these shifters there is a thumb and index trigger.

The trigger releases to a smaller ring and the thumb trigger push to a bigger ring the same holds true for the front.

The higher the numbers are the harder it is the pedal and with the lowest numbers, the easiest is the pedal to make things simple.

For better performance, it’s important to clean the bike chain and there is a link to an article on how to clean a bike chain with household products.

For you ideally whichever number you have on the left shifter corresponds to where you should have it on the right meaning if I am on a higher number on the left, I should be at the higher numbers on the right.

For example, if you are on the three on the left shifter, you should be on five and up on the right shifter and if you are on number two you should be between two to eight.

If you are on number one you should be between one to four so in short if you are on number three you should be at the higher gears in the back if you are on two you should be in the middle and if you are on one you should be at the lower gears.

Gear Angle Changing

The main reason is you don’t cross the streams it is bad for your drivetrain on this particular gear we’re on one on the Left which is your smallest chainring on the front crank in the back.

We are number nine which is your smallest and the high gear as you can see here there’s a good angle to the chain which we do not want.

So, when you put it to the proper position right you are on three on the left which is your big chainring on the front as you can see the chain is perfectly straight which is what we want.

The opposite is true as well so if I go the big chainring in the back you can see a pretty good angle and you don’t want to do that because it’s putting too much pressure on the teeth and too much pressure on the derailleur below which you can’t see but a lot of tension on the chain.

If you have the chain in these positions, you’re putting tons of stress on the chain and the ridge

while wearing down your teeth much quicker. It’s also one of the main reasons why it may have had a broken chain.

Basically, what you’re doing is you’re playing back and forth pressure on the chain and then eventually snap.

Never change Gears Uphill

Never change gears on an uphill. If your gears are not changing with one click of the shifter then there’s the possibility that the rear derailleur hanger is bent or that the cable tension is not tight enough.

You want to keep it as straight as possible so if I’m on three I should be at the high gears in the back.

So, it’s a nine eight seven six even a five it’s fine after that it starts to getting too much of an angle when you start getting into that position you can start going down to two.

Then you can go back up to a seven eight nine your final position usually when you’re on – you could go pretty much anywhere but the idea is trying to keep it as straight as possible.

So now I’m on the big chainring in the back which is your lowest gear number one and if I press the right position where you can see the chain is back to the straight which is what you want in closing.


We hope that this article was explained well enough for you and if you want to learn more check OutdoorXsports.

if you like this article please give it a share and the like also don’t forget to bookmarks our website for more biking tips just like these thanks for reading.

Ludacris Net worth, Wife, children, sister, height, age, real name

Ludacris likewise called, DJ Chris Lova, is a well known hip-jump rapper who overwhelmed the world with his infectious verses, snares and insane style in the late 1990s and mid-2000s. begun as a radio host and moderator, he depicted entering music as the best choice of his life. It is additionally dreamlike to accept that a solidified rapper like him could accomplish such an accomplishment. Probably the greatest motion picture he has played so far is the “Quick and Furious” establishment where he featured as “Tej Parker”. Ludacris has more than what he has as a primary concern. Peruse on to discover. Today we share about Ludacris Net worth, Wife, children, sister.

Russell Crowe net worth, Bio, height, wife, divorce, weight loss

Oscar-winning on-screen character Russell Crowe is known for the fruitful epic Gladiator film discharged in 2000. And has featured in various movies that have been blockbusters as of late that have earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Today we share about Russell Crowe net worth, Bio, height, wife, divorce, weight loss.

Ben Shapiro Net worth, Wife, Sister, Children, Family, Father, Religion

A man with numerous abilities, Ben Shapiro is a man of dubious nature, a trait that has made him an irregular open figure. A scholarly whose profession was plainly characterized even before turning into a man, the Jewish moderate observer has consistently had his way with words. Hence, we can securely say that Shapiro became well known essentially by acting naturally and imparting his true insights on basic issues. Find fascinating realities about the American editorialist, moderate political analyst, legal counselor, creator and moderator of syndicated programs. Today we share Ben Shapiro Net worth, Wife, Sister, Children, Family, Father, Religion, etc.

Womens Aran Sweaters – A comfortable choice

Womens Aran sweaters are a must-have in every woman’s closet and you can find some great ones from places like Shamrock Gift. They are extremely comfortable, stylish, and incredibly warm. A wool aran sweater can be described as a thick wool knitted sweater with a front opening that is closed by stretching the aran fabric. The open front part of the sweater allows air to circulate, which makes it extremely breathable. The sweaters come in a variety of colors and styles, depending on your taste. They are also known as being the most traditional type of sweater because of their timeless designs and styling.

Do You Own Any Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, like the ones from EJ Menswear are the latest fashion statement for men. They come in different designs and styles to suit every season. The new trends in men’s fashion are skinny jeans, hipsters, boot cut and flared jeans, which are the most popular items among fashion-conscious men. Tommy Hilfiger is a well known and renowned brand of clothing and its shoes are one of the best in the market today. Its menswear division is recognized and is trusted by many for their quality and durability.

Farah Menswear – World renown Fashion Brand

Farah Menswear is a London based fashion label that caters to the likes of both men and women who are looking for quality designer clothing that is affordable. They are known for their signature fitted clothes that are made using high quality fabrics and high end tailoring. The label has grown substantially over the years and now caters to a much larger audience than its original niche of clothing. They are an environmentally friendly brand and take great pride in this.

Top Reasons Why Individuals Hike

Hiking boots are specialised footwear specifically made for protecting the ankle and feet during extended outdoor walking exercises like hiking. They are also one of the most essential items of hiking equipment, as their quality and durability could determine the capability of a hiker to walk long distances on rough terrain without suffering any injuries. It is not surprising that hiking boots are a hugely popular sport or activity. Most people would consider it to be a sport itself. There are many reasons why people go for hiking and camping, the first and most obvious is the adventure and thrill; hiking is an enjoyable way to explore new territories and hike through wild and challenging terrain.

Why Office Cleaning Is A Team Effort

Hiring an office cleaning agency for your company can help you maintain a clean and orderly office space, while also increasing worker productivity and ultimately increasing profitability. Often, a residential cleaning crew can be just as qualified to take care of commercial properties. However, depending on what type of commercial property you are supervising, you may need to hire an entire unit, or perhaps a specific breed of cleaner.

The Technological Difference In Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones is handheld electronic devices that are capable of transmitting voice signals over wireless networks. There are three major types of mobile phones: CDMA, GSM, and UMTS. A CDMA mobile phone, CDMA only, cell only, or UMTS, sometimes shortened to just cell or just mobile phone, can only make and receive calls on a radio frequency code through a wireless carrier system while the user is within their phone service area. The best examples of a CDMA mobile phone are AT&T models. Other good examples are Verizon and Sprint models. To make sense of all that go to King Communications and a Vodafone store near me

Easy to Clean Child’s Room Flooring

Choosing the right flooring for your child’s room can be easy if you have the right material choice. One of the most important considerations when choosing flooring is moisture resistance. There are different types of laminate flooring available on the market today and this type of flooring makes an ideal choice for a child’s room.

Image credit

This type of flooring is made from solid wood and can be purchased in unfinished or finished boards. The wood used in this flooring is harvested from sustainable sources, making it environmentally friendly. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making it a popular choice for families with children. The biggest drawback to laminate flooring is that it will slowly deteriorate if not properly cared for. For Laminate Wood Flooring, visit Irwin Tiles

This flooring is easy to clean in a child’s room because it is moisture and heat resistant. It also resists stains, scratches and odours making it a perfect choice for any child’s room. With all the options for a child’s room, it is easy to find the perfect flooring for your little one that is easy to clean. Laminate flooring is available in a wide variety of colours and grain patterns. They are also durable and will outlast your children’s childhood years if you take proper care of the floor. This flooring is easy to clean as well because you can vacuum it often and it is also durable and will withstand stains and scratches.

Image credit

However, if you want your child’s room to be unique, then consider a colourful laminate floor. Make your child’s room the best it can be by choosing the right flooring materials.


Back Exercises For Work – Why They’re Important

Back exercises for effective exercise are very important for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer and behind a desk. While it’s tempting to go back bodies just as fast as possible throughout the typical busy day, doing so will place undue stress upon certain back muscles. In fact, back pain is now the most common physical problems in the UK. This is often due to the amount of time we sit down and the use of desks that aren’t fit for work purposes. You should always buy Next Day delivery desks from reputable companies like Best Buy Office Chairs.

Good Health and Exercise in Older Age

It is important to realise that exercising and doing physical activities is an important part of every old aged person’s life. You will need to do some exercises that can help you increase your muscle mass, burn fat, and gain better flexibility. As the time comes for you to do some of these exercises in older age, perhaps after you have moved into Park Homes like the ones from Park Home Life, it is important that you know a few things about those types of exercises.

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