Make Sure your Car is Safe and Prepared for Winter

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In the winter, there are many more things that can potentially go wrong with your car, and you might find yourself needing to replace things that are damaged due to the weather, from the battery to getting a replacement windscreen from somewhere like this windscreen repair Gloucester based company

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During the winter, it is more crucial than ever to make sure that you check your car, as well as preventing breakdowns, it could even save your life. This is especially important when the weather gets very cold, and temperatures get below zero. Or when we have heavy rain.

The tyres are the first place to start, as these are what will keep your car on the road! Check the depth of the tread on the tyres – the legal limit for this is 1.6 mm, it should not be less than this. Also check the air pressure of the tyres -you can find what this should be in the handbook for your car.

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Oil is something that you should check regularly, as it is easy to sort and will cause big problems if the levels are too low. You can find the oil levels on the dipstick in the car’s oil compartment.

You also need to check that you can effectively clear your windscreen, so before you set off make sure that your wiper blades are working properly and also that you have screen wash that is able to be used.


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