How to protect your employees from the effects of the sun

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Whilst we might all like the sunnier weather, getting out and about in the beautiful weather, experiencing everything that our landscapes have to offer, we don’t appreciate the same heat in our working environment. When the summer arrives there will be offices across the country scrabbling to turn their air conditioning on or to get the blinds closed to help with the sun streaming through the office windows. A Brise Soleil such as the ones from can help to disrupt the sun’s rays from entering the office windows in the first place.

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If your staff members work outside you should ensure that you provide them with any necessary equipment to help keep them cool. You should also factor in breaks that may be needed. It can also be advisable to factor in extra time to get tasks completed so that they are not having to rush in the heat. Having a staff room that is cooled and supplying them with regular access to water and other drinks can help to keep them hydrated during the day.

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In other cases you might want to think about how the work is allocated throughout the day and if the temperatures are set to be high for a prolonged period of time you might want to allow your staff to work from home and to split their working hours to earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon.


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