The importance of lighting for commercial premises

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Do you think the lighting in your commercial premises is good enough? There are many reasons why efficient and adequate lighting is important, so let’s explore some of them:


The ability to see clearly, whether inside or outside, is paramount for your business for both staff and customers alike. No business wants to be liable for damage or injury caused by a lack of adequate lighting. Lighting in doorways, on stairs and surrounding the car park is essential for safety and to deter crime. Proper lighting on steps and in areas where there may be obstacles is also essential. If there is room for improvement, consider the benefits of spotlights, motion activated lighting or strip lighting in high traffic areas. For hanging lights, visit a site such as Creative Cables hanging lights

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Improve sales

By using targeted lighting and better display illumination, you can attract customers to areas you want them to look at. Lighting can encourage people to follow certain paths and draw their attention to specific places. Shops in particular can benefit from this use of lighting to focus on their most luxurious items, for example. Restaurants also need to make use of lighting for customer comfort. Self-service areas and the route to the bathroom need adequate task lighting whereas the table area might be better suited to accent or softer lighting to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

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The lighting in a commercial environment can impact people’s health in many ways including eye strain, injuries, distraction, stress and headaches, for example. Therefore, it’s important to get it right for the safety and comfort of all.


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