What cyber threats can affect your business2

What cyber threats can affect your business?

It would be easy to assume that your business is pretty much bulletproof; there are still cyber threats out there that can affect your business.  What are the most common effects of a cyber attack? In the first instance it seems as if organised criminals are trying to gain access to funds. This involves the simple stripping of a bank account. There is a possibility you can lose everything easily. You definitely need to invest In some cybersecurity so you can offset any issues that happen with this. All you have to do is contact a Cyber Liability Insurance compnay like https://jmpcyberinsurance.co.uk/what-we-do/cyber-liability-insurance/.

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The vast majority of threats that will come to you will probably be via email.  Phishing emails which try and catch out staff members and the more direct spear phishing which appear genuine, our ways  in which your defences can be breached.  It’s very easy for someone to misinterpret email.  Clicking on the link is one of the simplest things you can do.  The  best thing to do is to introduce a robust  training scheme where the staff members are fully aware of what can be found on the internet with regards to email phishing.

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The other way is a deliberate breach by a more traditional method of simply stealing passwords. Again make sure all staff members including yourself always use robust passwords and change constantly. It’s also a very good idea to consistently change your Wi-Fi connection as well. It can be done by contacting your provider. It goes without saying that investment in a cyber security system is an absolute must. It is also a tax deductible item.

Unsatisfied customer

Unsatisfied customer, a good opportunity to build loyalty from the company!

It seems an incongruity, and not easy either. How to retain a customer who is angry with your company, with your products and with the transport company? Simple is not, but not impossible. What if you make a call?

Obviously, you cannot call all the customers with whom an unforeseen arises. Although social networks are for it, but if we talk about a smaller company, it can be an odyssey. But the question is: Do you have problems of this kind on a daily basis? Are there annoying customers from Monday to Friday? No. So, a timely call is a good option.

It was never so easy to lose a customer

Today, losing a customer is as easy as snapping your fingers. There are many places to go and as a reader commented a few days ago, unless your local store is trades, your product is offered on the Internet so many companies that the customer has where to choose.

Therefore, a call on time, to stop exchanging emails that may cause more anger or rejection in the client, can be very well received. Especially if kindness is linked to the solution of the problem.

When that ‘ogre’ becomes a kind voice that solves problems

Conflicts when making a purchase are not usually related to the main company. A transport company, even a single delegation of that company, can spoil a good strategy around the product and the client.

When shopping is done online and a problem arises, putting a name and surname and also a friendly voice that calls you to talk about what has happened is something that is priceless.

The robotic responses for the client are cause for greater anger

I offer a solution and I put on your skin, the best way to build loyalty

It is not about having a half-hour conversation, but about giving all the pertinent explanations that the client needs. A customer who has been trusting your company for more than a year and is about to say goodbye.

Demonstrate with data that your case has been followed; using a gentle but firm tone as to when it comes to taking measures so that it does not happen again is effective. It works. Actually, we don’t want to be right, but to offer us a solution and some empathy.

Objective: That the customer see a product that can be found on the internet in half a second.

Before you didn’t have to make those sovereign efforts. Hence, those stores with an old mentality see the customer as a hindrance if a problem arises with a product or service that they offer is very bad.

If you see a buyer as a nuisance, a grounded complaint, such as a headache, the problem is the seller and the obvious result: goodbye to that customer of a lifetime. Without the need to get on your knees to apologize, in the middle there is virtue and if you notice that they are listening, you will give another chance. The added value of the product is the person behind it .

Seeing a client as a headache in the face of a complaint is a sign that you are not worth selling

A satisfied customer today is a speaker that will make you good publicity

As we said, it is not necessary to give anything away. If the company considers it appropriate. Because the return of the money before a bad experience not of purchase but of logistics in the distribution, can be easily forgotten if the refund is made facts and is aware that there has been a claim by the seller.

No one likes to waste time or money. So when some smaller organizations or stores fall into laziness and leave the customer complaining as if he preached in the desert, he sees a real oasis when he is well attended and above all, he is heard and not only limited to sending a questionnaire to evaluate the treatment received (has been bad, bad or the worst in the world).

Why consumer confidence has slipped2

Why consumer confidence has slipped

The news has been dominated recently by Brexit and headlines warning of recession and economic struggles, so it is perhaps no wonder that consumer confidence has hit its lowest point since January 2018.

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Gfk Consumer Confidence Index

The Gfk Consumer Confidence Index is a measure of consumer confidence levels in the UK. Readings above zero indicate consumer optimism, whereas readings below zero indicate consumer pessimism. Readings stronger than the forecast are generally supportive for the GBP, while weaker readings than forecast are negative for the GBP.

The overall score of -14 dropped three points from the previous month and is seven points lower than the overall score was in August 2018. There is concern regarding the general economic situation in the next year, illustrated by a drop of 6 points from last month to -38, compared to -26 in August 2018.

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Brexit Uncertainty

Despite shoppers feeling earlier in the year that Brexit had not affected spending habits, the ongoing uncertainty seems to have caused concern as confidence ratings drop. Since the referendum in 2016, there has been uncertainty over exactly how we will leave the EU, under what terms and when and how it will affect the economy both in the short term and long term.

The Remain side have predicted an economic downturn and warned about effects on industries, jobs, housing and just about every area of life. Brexiteers dismiss this as ‘Project Fear’. The fact that the situation has gone on for so long without any clear answers has taken its toll on the British public as consumers are now reluctant to make any major financial decisions and feel less likely to go out and spend their money.

In any economic climate, it is always wise to consult a financial advisor before making any major financial decisions. With a reputable financial advisor software such as https://www.intelliflo.com/financial-adviser-software is utilised to enable advisors to work effectively and efficiently.

Joe Stanton, GfK’s client strategy director stated “Until Brexit leaves the front pages – whenever that will be – consumers can be forgiven for feeling nervous not just about the wider economy but also about their financial situation.” Although we are not yet seeing the headline score plummet to those seen in the 2008/2009 financial crisis, this is a trend we need to keep an eye on.

Four things that are killing your conversion rates

Four things that are killing your conversion rates

It is not enough to simply spend your time attracting visitors to your website. Although the importance of SEO and marketing should never be underestimated and to make the most of your website you should consult with a Professional SEO services company such as elevate uk. Once you have reeled them in, you need to make sure they convert. Here are four things that could be killing your conversion rates.

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No visual media

Photos can help to connect an audience with an online business, making it seem more real and genuine. If your website is devoid of any photos, particularly if you sell products online, you could be inadvertently slashing your conversion rates. According to Entrepreneur, it is important to have professional photos of either yourself, your products or your business on your website.

Poor conversion opportunities

If you do not offer your audience the chance to make a conversion, you could be losing out on a sale. According to Forbes Magazine, you should make it easy for your users to convert by placing conversion opportunities across your site. This can also help to reinforce your call to action. When providing conversion opportunities, avoid being over forceful, however, as this could have a negative effect on conversion rates.

Hidden information

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to make a conversion but lacking sufficient information on the website to achieve this. Whether it is not being able to find information about contact details, your returns policy or delivery times, if a customer can’t find what they are looking for, they are less likely to complete the transaction. This could kill your conversion rates.

It is not always easy to know what vital information might be missing from your site and is deterring visitors from completing a sale. An expert can diagnose which issues may be letting your website down. Professionals will understand what is required to maximise conversion opportunities.

Confidence and trust

If you are an unfamiliar online brand, you may be losing conversions because potential customers lack confidence and trust in your business. You can easily boost your trustworthy reputation and credentials by providing valid testimonials and customer reviews on your website, thereby offering reassurance to customers. Make sure you also provide safe and secure e-commerce facilities and a contact telephone number so that customers can get in touch if they want any further clarification about your products or services.

The 11 step process to set your life goals

The 11 step process to set your life goals

Success in life is simply the achievement of the goals you are proposing to reach. A fundamental role is represented by the identification of success, that is, by the goals you want to achieve.

The main reason for the failure is that people do not develop new plans to replace those plans that did not work.

If you are ready, let’s start.

The process for setting goal and OKR goes through 11 very specific steps to follow in order … Continue Reading