Can a superhero get insurance?

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The Incredibles is one of Disney’s most successful franchises. It comes out of the Pixar studio that has consistently produced winners for the corporation. But the Incredibles is undoubtedly one of the best. It features the story of Mr Incredible and his wife, Elastagirl. Their children also have superpowers of speed and strength, forcefields and invisibility. They are forced to become “normal” and disguise their powers by the authorities after a series of actions that result in property destruction and lawsuits. However, in the first film, they are called back into action as Syndrome, a fan who was rejected by Mr Incredible as a sidekick has become a criminal mastermind and is capturing old Superheroes. They stop him with the help of their old friend Frozone.

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The second film sees a wealthy family trying to get the Superheroes reinstated. Worried about the damage they might cause, Elastagirl suggests that insurance will cover it. Winstone Deavor, the man behind bringing them back, tries to quell this idea by saying, “Before we try the ‘insurance will pay for everything’ theory, let’s take a step to review”.

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Winstone should look at Insurance Brokers Bristol based consultants Mark Richard,  to see what deals he could get on the total destruction a superhero can create by fighting crime. All of them seem to work to catch the bad guy by any means necessary and ask questions later. It seems to be very effective in the films.


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