Four things that are killing your conversion rates

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It is not enough to simply spend your time attracting visitors to your website. Although the importance of SEO and marketing should never be underestimated and to make the most of your website you should consult with a Professional SEO services company such as elevate uk. Once you have reeled them in, you need to make sure they convert. Here are four things that could be killing your conversion rates.

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No visual media

Photos can help to connect an audience with an online business, making it seem more real and genuine. If your website is devoid of any photos, particularly if you sell products online, you could be inadvertently slashing your conversion rates. According to Entrepreneur, it is important to have professional photos of either yourself, your products or your business on your website.

Poor conversion opportunities

If you do not offer your audience the chance to make a conversion, you could be losing out on a sale. According to Forbes Magazine, you should make it easy for your users to convert by placing conversion opportunities across your site. This can also help to reinforce your call to action. When providing conversion opportunities, avoid being over forceful, however, as this could have a negative effect on conversion rates.

Hidden information

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to make a conversion but lacking sufficient information on the website to achieve this. Whether it is not being able to find information about contact details, your returns policy or delivery times, if a customer can’t find what they are looking for, they are less likely to complete the transaction. This could kill your conversion rates.

It is not always easy to know what vital information might be missing from your site and is deterring visitors from completing a sale. An expert can diagnose which issues may be letting your website down. Professionals will understand what is required to maximise conversion opportunities.

Confidence and trust

If you are an unfamiliar online brand, you may be losing conversions because potential customers lack confidence and trust in your business. You can easily boost your trustworthy reputation and credentials by providing valid testimonials and customer reviews on your website, thereby offering reassurance to customers. Make sure you also provide safe and secure e-commerce facilities and a contact telephone number so that customers can get in touch if they want any further clarification about your products or services.


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