How British pubs have changed over the years.

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The British pub is pretty much unrecognisable compared to what your grandfather and great grandfather would have experienced. A modern pub is remarkably different from what it was at the turn of the 20th century.  One thing that has remained constant is the need for Finance for Pubs like that from What are the most notable differences between the pubs of the 1900s and what we experience now?

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Firstly, the decor of the pub is very different. The traditional dark oak and bar with multiple stools and slightly sticky tables is very much a thing of the past. Modern pubs are distinctly lighter and airy  with a distinctly family feel as opposed to the very male orientated environments that they want to be.

Secondly, packets of pork scratchings or/or some crisps and nuts were the culinary limit. The notion of Carvery dinners or gastro dining would have been Italy inconceivable 4 for the patrons of the pub in the early 1900s to the 1950s. Now a huge range of dining is on offer.

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The drinks that you can get in pubs are also markedly different. Most pubs offered 3 choices of drink, These were beer, ale and dark Porter or Guinness as it is more commonly known. Spirits were mainly gin and whisky. Now you are likely to find tea, coffee , soft drinks, non-alcoholic options and a huge range of crafted ales along with ciders and fruit-based alternatives. Smoking was also totally accepted in the past


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