Picking the right boiler for your home

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Choosing a boiler is one of the most fundamental decisions you can make for a home. In the past, the choice was relatively simple. Gas or Coal was the accepted form of fuel; any talk of an alternative system was simply laughed at or thought of as being completely impractical. In the modern age, the choice of newer and cleaner energy sources is beginning to take a much greater emphasis. As it becomes more apparent that we are having a dramatic and even possibly catastrophic effect on the environment and the planet, the use of fossil fuels like Coal and Gas is not viable going forward. There is also the geopolitical use of Gas because we are far too dependant on the natural Gas mined from Russia. This Gas gives them political leverage over all our lives and our economy, plus the rest of Europes.

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If all this is in mind, what choices do we have regarding selecting a new boiler? We are still limited to the standard three types are the moment. These are Standard or Regular, system and the combi option. The choice mainly falls to the factors around how you are living. The scale of the house and what water-based washing facilities like showers and baths you have, and will intend to use on a semi-regular to regular basis, will define what bolier is going to be best for you.

Standard boiler. You will usually find these in older properties.  They are something of rarity and not installed as standard in modern homes. The system as two tanks, one cold one hot. They are deeply inefficient as the hot water simply sits in tank being unused. It does mean that you can have several hot water outlets on at the same time without impacting on the supply. However if you do have several on at the same time it can reduce the pressure.

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System boiler.  A must for the large home, all of the components are contained within the boiler. It still requires a hot water cylinder to provide it with a supply. They are also perfect for areas where the water pressure is low. It’s also know as an instant hot water system. As soon as the cold water comes into the boiler it is heated by gas jets which bring it up to temperature. There is no large water tank.

Combi-boiler. The most popular and most common type of boiler. The combi is able to heat the water for washing uses and provide the hot water for the radiators. It is just a simple wall hanging unit. There is no need of a cold water tank as it takes it staight from the mains. It does not require a heat cycnder as it uses a heat exchanger giving ou hot water on demand. Whatever you decide to get a Boiler Repair Cheltenham based company like HPR is essential to have on speed dial.


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