celebrate with champagne

Why do we celebrate with champagne or sparkling wine?

Whatever the occasion to celebrate when we are celebrating we cannot miss the bubbles of champagne and prosecco: we reveal you why it is celebrated like this …

Every important anniversary is celebrated with a toast, a toast that cannot fail to have bubbles. Champagne, sparkling wine and prosecco are the typical wines when there is something to celebrate. Whether brindi for Christmas or the New Year or simply for a birthday or graduation party, the bubbles can never be missing. Continue Reading

Relaxed woman at a health spa

Hindu head massage

This type of head massage is well known for its stressful properties. Eliminates accumulated tensions to promote clear thinking.

The Indian head massage has its origins in medicine Ayurvedic. For this reason, he has been practicing in India for a thousand years. Much later it was exported to Europe. In general, it is considered that in Western society we invest a lot of time in our lives using our heads. This makes it difficult to calm the mind and live in peace and harmony. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan. Continue Reading