How to properly light a garden

How to properly light a garden?

Light your garden properly with lamps, wall lights, or bollards specially designed for efficient outdoor lighting!

Do you want to enjoy your garden after dark? No problem: all you have to do is invest in outdoor lighting. Solar bollards, outdoor wall lights, recessed spotlights … there is a multitude of lights to light your garden, for mood or functional lighting, but always decorative! Continue Reading

Six tricks to find cheap tickets

Six tricks to find cheap tickets

If you want to travel and think that you will spend a lot of money, rest assured since here we show you all the tips for you to find the cheapest tickets on the Internet.

At this time of year more than one goes on vacation and what better than to take advantage of this time traveling. But since we know that you do not want to spend more than necessary, here we show you everything you must do to get cheap tickets on the internet. Try and see. Continue Reading

teleworking at home in times of corona virus

Guide to teleworking at home in times of corona virus

In the last month and a half, our reality and our daily life have changed radically. One of the most significant changes is that millions of Spaniards are working from home, something that in our country was very little implemented until just a few weeks ago. For this reason, many of us are new to this and we could use a guide to telework at home with guidelines to follow to manage the situation in the best possible way and be as efficient as possible in our work from home. Here are our recommendations. Continue Reading