Bringing a shine to jewellery

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When you buy a nice piece of Jewellery you want it to last for as long as possible. If it’s something that you want to wear day in and day out even the most expensive pieces of jewellery will tarnish over time. How can you keep the quality and the glinting beauty of your prized possessions forever? Many people will tell you that using  Brown sauce is one answer but this is not the best response. It’s hard to imagine leaving your best pieces in a bowl of a condiment!

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A better, and much less messy, way of cleaning is to invest in a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, like the ones from These machines are perfect for cleaning delicate items, and not just jewellery. They work in a very non-invasive way. Rather than use chemicals, which strip the item and damage it, they look at the novel use of soundwaves.

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The Jewellery is placed in a water solution. This is then exposed to sonic waves from the Ultrasonic cleaner. The clever part of all of this is that it creates microscopic bubbles in the water. These bubbles clean the dirt and tarnishing on the item and literally pull it away from what’s being cleaned. All that needs to happen after that is for the items to be removed and dried either in a room temperature environment or by simply wiping with a dry cloth to recapture the shine.


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