The stunning Greek island of Crete2

The stunning Greek island of Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and it is one that thousands of tourists visit every year. Not only can you find beautiful beaches that stretch for over 160 miles and clear blue waters, but you can also see some wonderful ancient wonders. These include four palaces that were thought to be the centres of politics, administration, trade and religion. In each of these palaces, a hive of activity would be keeping the island trading with others, keeping the people connected to their Gods and Goddesses and ensuring some kind of order within the population. Continue Reading

Explore the Eerie Dungeness and Find out Why it is So Special2

Explore the Eerie Dungeness and Find out Why it is So Special

As so many of us decided to stay home and explore the UK this summer, with all the confusion and worry over the travel traffic light system, a lot of people have been learning new things and exploring new parts of the country. Somewhere that is always popular with tourists is Romney Marsh – Beautiful countryside and plenty of history, there are lots of things to do in Romney Marsh – but if you want to explore somewhere in the area that is a little different – then Dungeness is the place for you. Continue Reading

visit Miami

10 reasons to visit Miami

Famous for its splendid beaches and luxurious nights, the seventh largest city in the United States by number of inhabitants is sometimes considered a superficial city. Some areas may actually be a bit kitschy and showy, but Miami is still an exceptional destination, which can fascinate beach lovers and those who will be happy sipping a cocktail in front of the ocean, but also those who love nature or is a passionate about art and culture. Continue Reading

destinations to travel this summer

5 destinations to travel this summer

The months of July and August are the ones that most Spaniards choose to enjoy their well-deserved vacations. Especially August, the holiday month par excellence in Spain –in France, for example, is the month of July-, the month in which almost everything stops. The Easter holidays are behind us in time and the body and the mind ask to end the routine and rest. Here are 5 types of trips you can do this summer. Continue Reading

Six tricks to find cheap tickets

Six tricks to find cheap tickets

If you want to travel and think that you will spend a lot of money, rest assured since here we show you all the tips for you to find the cheapest tickets on the Internet.

At this time of year more than one goes on vacation and what better than to take advantage of this time traveling. But since we know that you do not want to spend more than necessary, here we show you everything you must do to get cheap tickets on the internet. Try and see. Continue Reading

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park: 190,000 trees planted

The area around the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is an exceptionally heavily populated region. Over the years, land that was once densely forested has been cleared for people and farm animals, which has brought with it the expected environmental issues.

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This is a story that might still end well. Projects in the area are working with people and communities to reintroduce plant life and it is hoped that this will create new initiatives that in turn aid humans, indigenous animals and the ecosystem alike.

Across the globe people are becoming more and more aware of the impact that we have on the land and even in the Uk in areas where Tank decommissioning, conducted by companies such as is taking place these areas are sometimes being returned back to green land areas. This of course much more noticeable on the scale of areas of national park in countries like America and of course Rwanda.

A national park under threat

Deforestation means large scathes of land in the region are relatively bare, with water running quickly down the volcano slopes during the rainy season. The outcome is erosion and extensive flooding. Landslides are not uncommon, with lives, livelihoods and the infrastructure of the surrounding areas put at risk every year. What is more, native species such as the gorilla depend on these habitats, as do the industries surrounding tourism.

In the last few years, the area has become a destination for gorilla trekking holiday activities. Travel companies are at the forefront of these specialist holiday providers; however, as everyone is only too aware, sustainable tourism is only possible when there is a sustainable environment.

The Central Africa Forest Ecosystem Conservation (CAFEC) project, working with the International Gorilla Conservation Programme, has undertaken an ambitious project within the Volcanoes National Park to work with the people of the neighbouring Kinigi Community Natural Resource Management Zone. They plan to plant over 190,000 units of bamboo and Pennisetum to offset the effects of rainfall and to slow the speed of water moving down the hillside; in addition, Alnus and avocado gardens will be created to add an important source of food and income to the area.

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Empowering women to enable change

This project is seen as an initiative that depends on the involvement of women and one that draws its strength from their identity as stakeholders. Women tend to show greater commitment to local projects, engage in discussions in the design of the project, and funnel the benefits back into their families and communities. CAFEC firmly believes that when women take ownership of projects such as these, the sustainability and success of the project is more likely.