Some Horrible Historical STD Treatments2

Some Horrible Historical STD Treatments

Every April is STD Awareness Month. In our modern world, we are used to effective treatments for such infections that we can receive quickly to get back to health. Antivirals help with things like genital herpes and antibiotics are able to treat chlamydia and gonorrhea. However, spare a thought for the poor individuals of the past who were subject to some very unusual and bizarre medical treatments for the sexually transmitted diseases they encountered. Although historical documents can be difficult to interpret, it does seem that the diseases suffered by our ancestors are the same as those experienced today. Continue Reading

Good Health and Exercise in Older Age2

Good Health and Exercise in Older Age

It is important to realise that exercising and doing physical activities is an important part of every old aged person’s life. You will need to do some exercises that can help you increase your muscle mass, burn fat, and gain better flexibility. As the time comes for you to do some of these exercises in older age, perhaps after you have moved into Park Homes like the ones from Park Home Life, it is important that you know a few things about those types of exercises. Continue Reading

Keeping Skin Beautiful

Keeping Skin Beautiful

While we all know that true beauty is more than skin deep, beautiful skin can be an instant confidence boost and a clear and telling reflection of our age, health, and stress levels. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and a lifelong investment. It is important to protect and pamper it. So here are a few key considerations for keeping your skin in optimal condition.


Not only does a balanced and varied diet make us feel better, but the benefits are reflected in our skin too. Toxins from fatty foods, excessive alcohol, or allergies that we may not be aware of can surface as persistent dryness or oiliness, rosacea, or even adult acne. If your condition worsens, see a dermatologist such as those recommended by the British Association of Dermatologists. Emphasise green leafy vegetables and berries that are rich in antioxidants in your diet to ensure a glow that comes from the inside-out.


It is a common misconception that sunscreen needs only be worn in hot or sunny climates, but in reality the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays can penetrate even thick cloud and are often exacerbated by overcast conditions, not lessened by them. If you want to ensure younger looking skin for longer, then investing in a high SPF and wearing it every day—even in winter—is one of the most effective preventative measures. Be sure to choose your sunscreen from a reputable and regulated brand, however, as some of the claims can be exaggerated as reported by the BBC.

Shaping Up

Exercise and muscle tone can both contribute to a beautiful skin but it can become difficult to maintain later in life, particularly after having a family. Many women experience stretch marks or excess skin and consider having cosmetic surgery. Refresh Cosmetic Surgery are experts in abdominoplasty and are based in Essex, for example, and there are nationwide options available for those not looking for abdominoplasty in Essex. It is important not to feel under pressure to conform to everyone’s standard of beauty and to simply feel comfortable in your own skin, but for some that can include taking extra steps.

With the right nutrition, sunscreen and level of exercise, your skin will be your best feature in no time. Simply accessorise with a smile!

How to invest your time being at home

How to invest your time being at home

Do you feel that the day is not enough to do the things you want? That’s because you still don’t know how to spend your time productively at home; which causes frustration and stress when you see that you have many things to do but you do not find that power solution with everything.

Sometimes we humans do not realize that we live on autopilot, basically moving according to our daily habits; which makes us waste a lot of our time investing it in really unnecessary things when we could use it to do what we really want. Continue Reading

health tips

Three health tips that will help you feel much better

Health is the most important value that we have, and that is why we must do everything possible to preserve it and to feel better about ourselves. For this, we are going to give you some tips that we think can be very useful.

We have prepared three tips through which we intend to help you feel much better, correcting the problems in your life and, above all, investing in everything that will bring you greater pleasure and will improve your health, achieving a perfect balance both physically and psychologically. Continue Reading

Healthy breakfast

Healthy breakfast: myths and ideas

A healthy breakfast should include foods with protein, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, if you choose a carbohydrate source, cereals such as oats are the best option.

Fasting can be a very valid option for many. However, there are still people who prefer to opt for breakfast. Breakfast can be recommended as long as it is done in a balanced way. In its composition, quality protein foods must appear, as well as fruits that provide vitamins and antioxidants. Continue Reading

Healthy habits during confinement

Healthy habits during confinement

Maintaining healthy habits during confinement is very difficult. Being isolated makes it difficult for us to maintain social relationships, diet and exercise routines. We discuss in this article some guidelines that can be implemented to make quarantine more bearable for our health.

The quarantine imposed by the coronavirus pandemic changed the lives of much of the world’s population. So much so, that it becomes very difficult to maintain healthy habits during confinement. Continue Reading

Organic food

Organic food: good for you and for the planet

In these times when there is an increasing awareness of the environment, ecological products or eco-products are very often spoken of. But how should a product be so that we can consider it organic?

The first thing is to define what is an eco-product or ecological product. An ecological product is one that does not pollute the environment or at least helps to reduce the consumption of products that do harm the environment. The problem is that many products that are not organic are also prefixed with “eco-“. Therefore, it is necessary to be well informed before buying to determine whether or not the product we are purchasing is organic. And already among the really ecological products we have them of all kinds: food, cleaning, household appliances, and a long etcetera. In this case, we are going to focus on the most essential of all the groups: food. Continue Reading