The director who brought the western to life

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Over the years there have been many movie genres that have proved to be very popular with audiences and Western’s is one of them. Many of these movies were filmed in black and white or grainy colour and there are entire television channels dedicated to showing some of these old films over and over again. To enjoy them the most you should think about having a Luxury Home Cinema Cambridge company such as come in and create you the perfect home cinema set up.

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One name that is synonymous with the genre of Western’s is Sam Peckinpah. He began his film career working for Don Siegel and worked on films such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers. He moved on to work as a scriptwriter on the television series Gunsmoke and by 1961 he directed his first film, The Deadly Companions.

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The film is an American-Western, war film and was based on the novel written by A.S Fleischman. The story centres around an ex-army officer who finds himself in the terrible situation of having accidentally killing a woman’s son in a bank robbery. He desperately tries to make amends for the accident and he accompanies the funeral procession across dangerous territory. In true Western form there are disagreements and old fashioned gun fights along the way.

Although Peckinpah lived a troubled life and could often be aggressive towards other producers and cast members, he did create some incredible films that people still enjoy today.


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