3 Essential Tips For Designing a Beautiful Hardscape

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As summer approaches, you may be considering ways to improve your yard. Planting new trees, shrubs and flowers is not the only way to beautify this space. Installing hardscaping features, like walkways, patios and retaining walls, can also add to the appeal of your garden and make it more enjoyable to use. Here are three tips for a successful hardscape design.

Create a Focal Point

The first thing to do when planning the design for your hardscape is to create one or more focal points. These are features, whether plants or objects, that provide an entry point for the eye. They draw the eye initially and then direct the viewers’ line of sight to the surrounding areas. Fountains, ponds and fireplaces are all terrific hardscaping focal points.

Perhaps you already have one of these in your garden, but it needs to be cleaned or repaired. If so, it’s easy to find a hardscaping business that can help you with this. Simply search the net for fireplace repair Avon MA, for example.

Incorporate Greenery

The second thing to consider when planning your hardscape is actually the soft scape. When you are planning paths and patios, for instance, think about the ways that you can use plants to highlight these areas. Contrasting textures is also important. If you are choosing very rough surfaces for your hardscape, it is a good idea to pair them with softer-looking plants, like ferns or ornamental grasses.

Consider Your Style

Third, when deciding the shape and layout of walkways or decks, keep in mind the impression you want to make. Linear elements, like a straight path or an L-shaped patio, will create a more formal look. Conversely, if you prefer a more casual, natural appearance, you should incorporate curves and shapes that mimic the native landscape surrounding your garden.

Your garden is a place to relax and have fun with friends and family. It should be pleasant, useful and reflect your tastes. If you follow the tips above, you will have a beautiful yard to enjoy for years to come.


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