A Few Tips for Using Caster Wheels

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Learning how to use rigid casters wheel properly takes a little practice and a little patience. The wheel is basically a long metal tube that is very narrow at one end and wide in the other. When you put your foot on the pedal, you push the side of the tube down onto the floor and pull it back up. This creates friction, which causes the rim to wear. Over time, the rim will slowly lose its smoothness and develop a worn and ragged edge.

Types of Systems

So what do you need to know when learning how to use a caster wheel correctly? Well, the first thing you need to consider is how you want your handlebars to look when they are disassembled. Usually, people prefer their handlebars to be clear and clean, while others like their spokes to be either smooth or with a rough texture. If you are willing to do some of the work yourself, you can choose a single-sided or multi-sided disc brake system. A single-sided system allows you to remove the handlebar quickly, while multi-sided systems give you more flexibility. It’s a personal preference as to which one you prefer, so test the handlebars to see which type works for you.

Level the Wheels

Once you have made sure that your wheels are level, you can move on to knowing how to use a caster wheel properly. The easiest thing to remember is that you should always face the tire towards the middle of the wheel (or, if you’re using a two-wheel drive, the driver should face out). In addition, you should always apply oil to the bearings. If you don’t, then you should immediately change them. The reason you want to do this is that oil will keep the bearings lubricated and allow for smoother, the better rotating movement of the wheel.


So now you know how to use a caster wheel properly. Now that you know the proper way, you can go buy some new ones. That’s right, you should replace your wheels after a certain amount of time so that you can get the most out of your experience driving. If you don’t, then you can increase the risk of wearing your rim or bearings out faster, as well as decreasing your overall enjoyment of driving. Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you in the long run.


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