Are there to many cars on the road?

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Over the years more and more cars have joined our network and although the government has introduced new A roads and motorways, short cuts and even introduced using the hard shoulder you can’t help but wonder, are there to many cars on the road? What will happen eventually with waiting times and accidents? Will I just end up leaving my car at home?

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I have been driving 14 years and the change in that time has been quite dramatic so what if we look further back and calculate the difference between then and now. So here are some digits that you might not of known.  In 2000 there were 27.2 Million cars on the roads in the United Kingdom.  With more people learning, more houses being built and more cars travelling there are now 31.7 million cars on the road and growing.

One of the huge differences now is that houses would of only had one car for the whole family where now some households have one for the Father, one for the mother and possibly another for a son or daughter or both, meaning that there could be four cars in some households.

More and more people are choosing to holiday in the United kingdom as its close to home, you can pick and choose your own entertainment, you don’t have to worry about airports, passport or the food that might be provided in another country.

Some people have cottoned on to the fact that in school holiday there is absolutely no point trying to use certain roads like the motorway so they leave their car at home and take a different mode of transport like a train, bus or coach.  If you choose to do this just make sure your car is safe, of the road if possible and all valuables are out.  If you have a garage put it in there, get your Garage Door Repair that you have needed for years from sites like (which is cheaper than a flight would be) and your on your way.

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There are more and more electric cars being introduced and even self drive vehicles being tested so this issue is just going to get worse to the point where you will literally just be crawling the whole way to your destination.  The journey that used to take 2 hours is now taking 6 hours to get to.


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