Choosing the best feeding chair for your nursery

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There are so many selections and options to take into account, that when it comes to choosing the correct nursery chair for you, it might be a tough choice. The ideal nursing chair could make or break those night-time feeding sessions, so you’ll want something which you’ll feel cosy in and might help to support your arms as you hold your child for lengthy quantities of time. Here are a few things to remember when deciding on a chair for your nursery:

Decide if you will pick a rocking, gliding, or desk bound chair

Movement can be an excellent tool to help soothe a fussy child wit out placing stress on the mother or father. Search for options with large and padded armrests. You’ll be using the chair often and resting your arms on them while holding your little one. Try sitting in the chair with your breast- or bottle-feeding support pillow. Ideally, you’ll want to try this before you purchase the chair as it will help to ensure you can get comfortable with the pillow and the chair.

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Sometimes, the arms of chairs can be too high or too narrow to get a good position and you need to be as comfortable and secure as possible when holding the baby. You’ll want to be able to relax your fingers and head effortlessly while feeding.

Try out the seating area to get an idea of how comfortable any padding is. The seating needs to be smooth to get out of when you sink int it, so you don’t wake your baby when making a decision to place them back in the crib after a feeding session. Less padded seats will work better for this, however, you want enough softness to stay comfy! Consider the Eames Rocking Chair from

Avoid chairs with sharp edges or exposed hardware. This is essential for the safety of your child! Discover chairs with a lock mechanism which add a further level of protection and mean the chair won’t move when you don’t want it to.

Does the chair accommodate your chosen feeding positions? Having a footrest may be essential for added relaxation. If you want one attached to your chair, make certain that your child is out of the way while you’re putting it down. Getting a separate ottoman is a good concept too!

Don’t forget chairs with good lumbar support are also important. They can help with troublesome back pain due to bad posture when feeding. Don’t forget to get something which you genuinely like – you’ll be using that chair even after the infant stops nursing. Now you’re geared up to pick out the right nursery chair for both parents and child!


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