Different Ways to Sell Your Hand Made Creations

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The world of selling is certainly a tricky one in the modern world; there are many factors that have made selling products easier, which means there is more competition against you. In the olden days before the internet, marketing would have been done through billboards, signs, leaflets, and even though a newspaper advertisement, but now there are more ways to advertise and get your business out there. To get above the competition, you will need to make sure your product is the best that it can be and that it is individual and unique.

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Market Stalls 

There are many different market stalls throughout the UK that have many stall owners like yourself who sell their own unique creations; market stalls are good because it means you can sell in person for a fixed fee, but you are not tied to the store or the venue. Some market place venues will already have public liability insurance for their venue, but some may not, in which case you would have to buy your own public liability insurance. Many venues open up holiday market events, such as Christmas markets, and summer market events – this could get you a lot of sales.

Independent Gift Stores

There are many small independent gift shops that are always looking for stockists, and this would be a great opportunity to sell your hand made creations; some shops will ask for a percentage of the sales, whilst others may request that you do a few shifts a week there to cover the costs. This is a very simple and easy way for you to sell your items without having to pay for shop rent and insurances. You can sell your items and make money, and the gift shops will get their stock, so it benefits both sides. Many independent gift stores attract a lot of customers because of the creative and fun atmosphere of the shop; it is most likely that they will play Instore Music to add to the fun atmosphere – customers will not get that experience when buying items online. A lot of people do like to support small independent businesses, so will likely buy from these shops for birthday and Christmas gifts.

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Online Selling 

If you don’t want the expense of selling in a shop, then an online store might be a better option; there are many online selling platforms where you can sell your hand made items, and you can easily and quickly get paid using online payments such as PayPal. If you want to sell on your own online store, many websites such as Shopify allow you to make your own website and e-commerce shop that you can integrate on your website and on your Facebook shop. Online selling is much better if you have smaller and cheaper items for sale, as these can easily be posted, and there is less to payout which means you can have more of the sales profit.


Although wholesale is more of a tricky business to get in to, it is a great way to ensure your stock will be sold. This involves selling lots of your hand made creations to different stockists for a discounted price, in which it will then be theirs to sell in their shop. To become a wholesale seller, you will need to make lots of stock to sell onto businesses; this could be quite a time-consuming task and can be difficult if you are an independent maker and seller.


The writer of this article currently manages his own blog moment for life and spread happiness and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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