How Does Landscape Lighting Affect Lawn Care?

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When it comes to landscape lighting tips, the most important could be those which help you preserve the look and feel of your lawn. That’s because an amateur at the task could install your lighting in a manner that interferes with the proper care of your yard. If that amateur is you, then you might consider working with a Professional Landscape Lighting Company to do the work for you.

That’s why homeowners who are thinking about installing landscape lighting around the exterior should be cognizant of the ways in which their lighting can affect the care and handling of their lawn. Factors such as wiring and fixtures are important in any outdoor landscape lighting scheme, but they play just as critical a role in your ability to maintain the lawn properly.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which landscape lighting can affect your yard maintenance and how you can ensure that you won’t be dealing with any major problems after the lights are installed.

Proper Wire Burial

Wiring is a crucial component of your landscape lighting and it needs to be handled correctly in order to save preserve your lawn. That means burying the wires correctly and your installer should be sufficiently trained in the ways to do that burial without causing damage to the lawn. Two things are imperative here, the location as to where the wiring should be buried and at what depth.

A good installer will know how to deal with both factors in a manner that ensures your lighting is always operational and won’t present any potential for damage to the lawn or malfunction of your system.

High Quality Fixtures

The placement of your lighting is going to have an effect on your lawn care but the quality of fixtures will make an even bigger impact. Depending on the type of lighting you decide to install, you want to choose fixtures that will be able to withstand the effects of lawn mowers, trimmers, and other equipment used most often by landscapers and lawn care providers.

If use top quality fixtures, you can be sure they won’t shatter or bend if (and when) this equipment comes near or rolls right over the fixture. There are many types of lighting choices that can get in the way of this equipment and a well built fixture will be able to stand up to consistent wear and tear that comes from routine lawn maintenance.

Informing Your Landscaper

Although it may be obvious where some fixtures have been installed, others may not be so noticeable upon first glance. That’s why you must inform your lawn maintenance provider where these new lights have been installed to avoid any damage to the lights or mowing equipment. Always do a walk-through of your lawn with the service technician and point out the exact location of your new fixtures.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry in this regard, that way you are able to prevent any costly damage and the need for repairs or replacement of your fixtures.



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