How to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

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Finding hot and cold spots in the home is one of those issues that takes some careful diagnosis to solve the problem. It’s a concern that can make your home uncomfortable, some rooms are chillier than others, some rooms are way too warm. The goal is to determine what’s causing the problem in order to effectively fix it. Fortunately, you can track down some of the potential causes yourself but if you aren’t getting to the heart of the problem, you might need to bring in a technician from your local hvac company charlottesville va.

So let’s go over the ways to get more out of your air conditioner and keep the air temperature in your home evenly comfortable so every room feels pleasant to be in.

Check Your Vents

The vents of your system are the main routes of access through which your climate-controlled air reaches each of the rooms in your home. When those are obstructed or closed off in any way, then you’re not getting even air distribution throughout the house. This could bring about your hot and cold spot problem.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve. You only need to check all of your vents to see if they are open or shut. If the room you are in does not feel comfortable, take a look at your vent and then open it. Now you can use your vent openings to move air into the rooms where you really want it to blow, shutting off those vents in the rooms that are empty.

In the event you determine that the vent is open but no air is coming through, you could have an obstruction of some kind. It might be dirty or clogged in which case you just need to clean it out. There may also be an exterior blockage in the form of a piece of furniture or some other object positioned in front of the vent. If that’s the problem, move that obstruction and you should be all set.

Check Your Ducts

Among the most common problems that leads to uneven temperatures in the home is compromised ductwork. Your uneven heating and cooling woes could be due to a leak somewhere in the ducts, and the air is seeping out of that leak instead of being pushed into the rooms where you intend the air to travel.

Duct leaks are going to impact the efficiency of your HVAC system and could result in your spending a whole lot more in electrical bills from month to month. The ducts are a difficult place to explore on your own so if you suspect your problem is located in there, you may need to call in a service technician to diagnose the issue.

Check Your Thermostat

This could be your problem. All you need to do is look at the switch that toggles the system between “on” and “auto”. The former keeps the fans running, the latter actually operates the climate regulation of the air throughout the ducts and vents of the entire house.


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