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Men are becoming more and more fashion conscious and catching up with women when it comes to being aware of their body shape and what suits them.

As much as we all like to look fashionable, wearing the right style of clothing for you is far more important than looking trendy.

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As men get older, they tend to increase their waist and hip size which creates a triangle shape from the chin down. Men wanting to hide their waistline should opt for patterned blazers and solid coloured trousers and this combination will take the focus away from the tummy zone.

Fitted polos and roll necks are good for promoting a slender look. Avoid skinny fit jeans, as these simply highlight the larger areas. Vertical stripes are also good for creating a streamlined effect.

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Men this shape should also avoid double breasted jackets, as this adds bulk to an already large area.

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Whether you work out a lot and therefore have a muscular chest, or you are simply made that way, large shoulders and thighs and a narrow waist can make buying good fitting clothes difficult. Even if you are proud of your physique, don’t be tempted to show it off with tight fitting tops, as this isn’t a good look. Instead, opt for tops made from cotton and spandex as this will show off your broad shoulders, as well as give a fashionable tailored look. Wear round neck tee shirts and avoid v necks.

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Farah shirts are great for all body types and are available from, which offers affordable fashion for all shapes and sizes.

Men are increasingly investing in grooming products to enhance their looks. Beauty treatments and face masks are the latest popular trend amongst men.

Men with a rectangular shaped body are often tall and thin and have shoulders the same width as their waist and hips. Wearing fitted blazers can define the waist area and a good quality crew neck jumper, which is tapered at the bottom, can have a similar effect.

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Whatever you choose to wear, make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed, as this will also make you feel confident and enjoy the occasion you’ve dressed for. Buying clothes that you can mix and match is also a good idea, along with quality well fitted shoes.


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