How to Give a Persuasive Speech

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If you have a speech coming up, you may be wondering how to make it persuasive and impactful.  There are many different ways to make your point, but knowing your audience can make all the difference. Cicero was one of the most influential rhetoricians in history, and his five canons are still used today. These include invention, arrangement, style, memory and delivery. They can help you analyse your audience and determine how to best present your point. If your audience does not know anything about your topic, you may need to educate them about the topic a little before you can make your case.

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If you’re not familiar with the audience, start your speech by telling a story that engages your audience. People like stories, and stories grab attention more than facts. Use metaphors to clarify your ideas, and include personal experiences when possible. Remember that people have limited attention spans. By starting your speech with a story that connects with your audience, you can gain their attention and keep them interested throughout your speech. Giving a great speech is an art that takes effort and experience. For a helping hand with Public speaking courses, visit a site like

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Another tip for a persuasive speech is to avoid mentioning too many negative points. Your audience will likely reject your message if you include excessive negativity or adopt an argumentative tone. Being persuasive is about enlightening, inspiring and offering a solution to a problem. If you want people to leave with enthusiasm, you need to lift them up.



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