Perfect Bridal Hair Accessories on a Budget

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One of the most important aspects of a wedding day for the bride is her hair. Hair is the crowning glory of a bride’s outfit and, whatever style the bride chooses, it must reflect her personality and complement her look. This is really important for when the bride is welcoming all her guests into the venue of choice.  This is backed up by the reception team who should use a Visitor Management System UK to keep record off everyone staying with them at any one time.  Simply visit businesses like Ofec to find out more information. Hair accessories are a great way to highlight a hairstyle and add a touch of extra glamour. Read on to discover some wonderful hair accessory ideas for the big day.

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Brides who want a vintage style will love the traditional look with a glittering tiara. Tiaras always look very regal and are especially effective when they have sparkling stones set into the design. Fashionable designs include leaf shapes and snowflakes. A highly modern-looking tiara can also be achieved by linking a line of flowers and placing these in the hair.

Hair Vines

For an alternative hair accessory, brides can consider hair vines, which can also be sparkly but are a little more subtle. These vines can be worn around the head like a crown or tiara, and they can also be worn lower down at the back of the head to offset a bun or low ponytail.

Hair Combs

A third option for brides looking for hair accessories would be hair combs. These are highly versatile, offering an easy way to create an up-do or giving an extra touch of glamour and sparkle at the side or back of the hair. Combs can be worn in a variety of different ways, and they always add an elegant and grown-up feel to any outfit.


Headpieces are a dramatic way to accessorize your hair, whether you have a long or short style. These often have a retro twist. Lace cloche hats can be worn as headpieces, leaving the hair long at the sides and back. These glamorous options can also take the form of a crown or a tiara with trailing pearls or a headband.

There are endless options when it comes to wedding hair designs. There are also many places to turn to enjoy style guides and ideas about fashion, make-up and clothing.
One popular option right now in wedding hair design is to wear a vine as an Alice band, either draping it across the forehead for a stunning 1920s look or wearing it as a tiara on top of an up-do.


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