Shattered skies game review

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Welcome to Shattered Skies game. You are the pilot of a space fighter, tasked with protecting the skies from alien invasion.

The Shattered Skies game is a high-intensity multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in which players use their characters to fight against other players. In this game, you can choose your own strategy and build your own unique character. As a result, the fighting spirit increases and you will be able to find what you are looking for in this game.

Shattered skies game

Shattered skies game review

Shattered skies game is unique. There are thousands of roles and strengths in the battle arena that you can choose from. Different enemy strategies every day, except for some players who will not change their mentality? Every player has a right to fight against others! The more fierce and intense the competition, battles with higher difficulty will be entitled, achieving an excellent score under many challenges; if it becomes clear that they won’t win today’s strongest one in your eyes, no matter how rotten it is? From now on the stars will be born in your heart.

Shattered Skies Gameplay

As a player, you will enjoy playing this game. The minute the fight started to move smoothly like a chain of explosions around in the sky: excitement! In this game, there are so many kinds of moves and skills that you have never seen before. Isn’t it an exciting experience? In the play style itself is also very real: first use your light weapons to control their opponent for a short time and then change into other items after control has been lost again or even constantly attack with different types at one!

Shattered Skies Game Graphics

The graphics in Shattered SkiesGame will surprise you. You can see things only have an image in the virtual reality, such as fireflies can be seen! The appearance of this game is very beautiful. There are so many kinds of backgrounds: if you think that these items are not attached to the scenery which belongs to? You will feel uncertain before going into this game. Or sometimes it may look like a painting where you basically walk on clouds or water…

In Shattered Skies Game , when observing your character , you can see up to 1,800 degrees! The developer also attached a variety of accessories: as long as it seems reasonable will appear in this game.

Shattered Skies Game Platforms

Shattered Skies Game can be played by the computer, mobile phone – android and iphone. To use Shattered skiesGame for PC is in a very simple way: you only have to download it online and then directly transfer into a certain directory of your Computer!

Before playing this Action RPG, don’t forget to add some equipment or combinations that you want, otherwise with no additional training ( even destroy all enemies ) will not be able to win. As usual the game : if you put a single weapon at hand, will try to win.

Shattered Skies Game Loot system

In Shattered skies , there are many different kinds of items that can be collected: from special rare materials, legendary equipment which is obtained by each play and so on! The physical characteristics of which all variations also had clear information in the interface itself that you do not need to guess again or even go through several replay rates; everything has been clearly expressed. Once collected enough items and can then take what did you want, that is the place where it belongs to!

Shattered Skies Game Setting

The world of Shattered skies in which there are many kinds of resources. Which also provide players with more options as they collect Quest Items , make a good character base . This will not only let you continue your game when an endless run ends but even bring back a game edge with different materials for further use.


Shattered skies game is a fun and exciting strategy game for you to enjoy! The more you play, the better you get at it. And in the process, you’ll be helping out with science education. Enjoy the game!

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