The different places that have stain glass windows

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You wouldn’t believe how many places still have stain glass windows and just how beautiful they are to look at.  You really need to stand and look at every pain of glass because you will see new pieces of art every time and new colours.  There is often a story being told in the window which is great to try and guess.  Here is a list of just some of the locations with stain glass windows.

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St Marys Church in Fairford –

 This church has the most complete set of windows in the country and was installed in the church between 1500 and 1515.  There were a lot of Stained glass windows that were broken in the past on purpose but luckily they survived but were  damaged in the 1700’s by a storm.  There was a big restoration completed in 2010 and should hopefully keep the windows in a great condition for years to come.

Gloucester Cathedral –

Gloucester Cathedral had one of the largest windows in the world being the size of a tennis court.  It was installed in the 1350’s as an example of medieval stained glass.  There is a large selection of stained glass windows in the building including in the lady chapel.

St Leonard in Tortworth –

This church is believed to have a depiction of Edward 4th dating from around 1470. This is quite unusual for a village church. Legend goes that one of his mistresses lived in the house next door.

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Holy Trinity in Rangeworthy

This church was built in Roman times but all the stained glass windows are modern. If you want modern windows that keep you warm with a quality finish then head to a Cheltenham Double Glazing company at links like

St Pauls at Clifton

The windows here deal with the life of St Paul.    They were installed between 1869 and 1877 by hardman and co. Other windows include the raising of Lazarous and Christ walking on water.

The story follows beautifully from one window to the next like in a story book but on windows.

St Christopher at Warden Hill

Built in the 1960s St Christophers is best known for its stained glassed windows which depict a parade from the gospels.  Designed by Tom Denny they were installed around 1985.


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