Is a hybrid reg excessive?

Jean Todt, the president of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), has been sharing his views on the current F1 engine regulations. He has admitted that they went “a bit too far” as far as complexity is concerned.

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In his view, the research and development side of the industry may have dominated too much, and his organisation has been working hard with Formula 1 to produce a revised version of the current engine guidelines for 2021.

According to Andrew Benson, the BBC Chief F1 writer, the plans for 2021 aim to increase competitiveness by removing one of the two ways in which the 1.6-litre V6 turbo hybrid engine generates hybrid power. Therefore, the engines will run at a higher speed and the drivers will have more control. The MGU-H will be removed, which recovers energy from the turbo and mutes sounds.

It is important to give the fans what they want

Todt has been clear that there is much to learn from the existing regulations. There is plenty to admire in the current engine technology, but it is also important to listen to what the fans are saying. There is no championship without the fans, so their view is important.

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The combination of entertainment and technology

Getting the balance right between entertainment and technological excellence in F1 has not been easy to do. The teams and manufacturers need the sport to be a laboratory for developments that can ultimately benefit road cars. The fans need entertainment, and that requires excitement.

The balance has swung back and forth, and Todt explains that it may have to swing in a different direction now. He also suspects that engines will actually be more efficient without the MGU-H adaptation.

The new rules are almost complete, and the aim is to attract new suppliers into the sport. There has been considerable initial interest from some new manufacturers in the lead-up to publishing the new 2021 engine regulations. Todt now hopes that interest will evolve into commitment in the coming months.


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