The management of work shifts in the cloud

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Responding to the practical needs of personnel management without diminishing the value of the employees by treating them as mere cogs, make more precise and efficient shift system with tools for intuitive and acceptable to the various collaborators by managing weekly and monthly production variability avoiding delays and lack of coverage. These are some of the objectives, which the managers of the personnel and the information system managers face in order to increase the efficiency of human resources and the cohesion between shift workers and the management.

Not all companies have the means or the capacity to manage complex programs at home, but there are much more practical solutions to meet the needs of shifts despite practical limits: the software for work shifts online.

Management of work shifts in the cloud is a common need

The Shiftplanning online management programs aim to solve the practical needs of personnel administration of all those bodies that work in broken hours (distribution chains, public and public entities, airports, newspapers, companies of logistics, manufacturing companies ..)

  • Simplify shift planning and assign them automatically
  • Simulate different scenarios of shifts to ascertain the amount of workers needed to ensure the service is in ordinary times that in the case of production peaks
  • Guarantee employees a fair alternation of work on holidays and ensure a minimum guaranteed rest for each operator (especially in medical environments)
  • Detect any discrepancies between the work plan and the shifts assigned in real time and correct them as soon as possible

The software for the shifts in the cloud are applications installed flexible and cheaper alternatives on the server and are particularly suited to enable personnel managers, production managers and information systems …

  • To plan personalized shifts starting from the specific needs of the period in question, the constraints to which one is subjected, the skills of the human resources available and those available
  • To manage the shifts of small and medium-sized groups quickly and immediately
  • To monitor, with little effort, any leaks that have occurred and to identify substitutions between the availability available
  • To reduce recourse to overtime and on-call availability by making use of the bank recovery agency in their place
  • To make the directive action of the personnel managers more incisive, starting from a real-time visualization of the assigned resources that allows to realize intuitively where it is necessary to intervene
  • To settle any misunderstandings and disputes on the fairness of assignment of shifts through a clear account of the past and the due rests

The objectives of work shifts management in cloud

The schedule maker program for managing shifts in the cloud allow these objectives to be achieved through a web service whose maintenance do the suppliers ensure and which therefore frees users from heavy technical tasks.

Those who are not strictly technical maintenance servants can thus delegate the responsibilities and precautions to the HR management company and devote themselves to effective time scheduling.

  • Save on server infrastructure set-up costs
  • Simplify the operational management of daily, weekly and monthly staff
  • Automate the calculation and planning of work shifts
  • Verify in real time the correct execution of the assigned workloads to perform any adjustments
  • Assign hours of work and breaks without the risk of generating coverage gaps
  • Reduce the use of Excel sheets – which do not allow tracking of the operations performed – and easily share information with all employees
  • Check the history of the service provided to check for any recoveries due

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