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Euphoria is one of those series where they show us the darkest and most destructive stage of adolescence. However, many of these series are very far from reality. Many have not been satisfied with this format, where they look at adolescence as the worst thing in life. But if you are one of those who enjoy seeing adolescence reflected with a sense of humor, fiction, drama and in a positive way. Today we recommend seven shows like euphoria.

Since its last chapter was released a few days ago, you will surely miss seeing this type of series. It should be clarified that Euphoria is not a family series, where parents can sit down with their children to watch and enjoy it since the Euphoria series shows the portrait of adolescence mired in drugs, parties and clearly a badly healthy relationship with sex and family. Read more: Epic seven anime

Shows like euphoria

shows like euphoria

Which does not provide teaching for adolescents who see it. That is why we will not only show you series similar to Euphoria. But also other series about adolescents that do not go through such a dark construction. And they really show how the majority of 16 and 17 year olds live and can really relate.

1. Degrassi: Next class

This series attracts a lot of attention in today’s young people. Degrassi: Next class is one of the series similar to Euphoria. However, this is an adaptation of the Canadian series of the eighties, which recounts the day-to-day of any institute. His new adaptation addresses current problems facing adolescents.

Struggles such as feminism, anti-racism and LGTB struggle are the focus of this series, which after its fourth season was canceled. Degrassi: Next class also includes topics such as the refugee crisis, which keeps it closely linked to today. Very good option to see after Euphoria.

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2. Freaks and Geeks

This series is very similar to Euphoria, but not due to the fact that the producer’s daughter is the protagonist in both series. However, we can say that Euphoria is a series similar to Freaks and Geeks since it is about a group of teenagers from the 80s, misfits who face the real world.

They do not have mobile phones or social networks. The only thing they have is a collision with a wall, which does not help them at all. From minute one, you will be able to feel the adventure that lies ahead for these teenagers. And even more when the drug reaches the group. You can also see this series on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Merlí

Merlí is one of the Spanish series that has that resemblance to Euphoria. Clearly, it is about adolescents. It is one of the most acclaimed. It has the story of an eccentric philosophy professor as the central axis in the plot.

Like all the other series, as the story progresses, they focus on the life of a group of high school students from Spain. It has three seasons, where the typical problems of adolescents in this type of series are addressed. However, unlike Euphoria, here we see the kind of philosophical teaching. Reason for which it attracts attention since they defend ethical values.

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4. SKAM Spain

Among the series similar to Euphoria, you cannot miss SKAM Spain, available at Movistar + since it is the closest thing to the present in the lives of adolescents and students. The series is about how the protagonists face high school, which we know they will not do in the best way.

We see an interesting plot in the mix of friends, effort for studies and concerns about the political and social aspects. The first season of SKAM did not have much relevance, but when the second season arrived, addressing bisexuality, everything changed. It became a success when the main theme was the relationship of one of the protagonists with a new student.

5. My Mad Fat Diary

Have you already seen Skins? Well, the My Mad Fat Diary series could be described as its improved version. Since it maintains the plot or the British style of a group of teenagers from the 90s. It is one of the series that shows us the counterpart of Euphoria. That is, it avoids the dark and destructive representation of adolescents.

The success of this series is due to the interest in showing the insecurities that a teenager goes through every day. Family problems, friends, studies, as it really is, leaving drugs and sex very secondary.

We also see the focus on a regular problem among adolescent girls. When one of the protagonists has an eating disorder which is linked to depression and anxiety. Something characteristic of the series is that as the plot progresses, what happened is narrated in a wonderful, comic, sarcastic and humorous way.

6. Faking it

Another series similar to Euphoria is Faking it, which shows us the typical American institute where the usual rules of society are not followed as in other institutes in the world. Like any series of adolescents, what is important here are the students who traditionally belonged to discriminated groups. In this way, the series involves homosexuals, transgenders, racists and, of course, functional diversity.

Kicking off the story of one of the protagonists when she convinces her best friend to pretend to be a lesbian. For the sole purpose of gaining more recognition, this creates doubt and makes them think that perhaps they are not as straight as they thought.

Although it is a series like Euphoria, it is on the other hand if you can enjoy it, since it is a realistic representation. Where we can see an interesting experiment on social roles and sexual identity. Besides, it shows it to us in sitcom format.

7. Challenge me

Our last recommendation of the series similar to Euphoria is the Thriller de Rétame. With ten chapters of pure entertainment, you will get addicted to each chapter. It is a series that, if you just finished with Euphoria, you will certainly remember throughout the first season.

In this first installment, the main conflict is not resolved. But it does leave a great path for the second season. Rétame has been a great surprise for Netflix to its viewers.

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