Ways to be Greener in Your Office

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Sustainability is an initiative that businesses need to embrace as they look toward the future. Customers and employees alike are looking for companies to embody a sense of social responsibility, as organizations are now evaluated by their level of social responsibility. As you look to improve, consider these four tips on ways that your office can become greener and do more to sustain the environment.

Consider Repurposing and Reusing

Opting for used office furniture Indianapolis instead of purchasing brand new furniture is a great example of saving the environment. Not only can you repurpose and reuse items, but you can also reduce your costs.

Use Recycled Office Supplies

Office supplies are often a big contributor to the waste that we use. Consider opting for recycled materials whenever you can. Whether you use these to build your office space or only use recycled paper and supplies, you can significantly reduce your waste. By using repurposed materials, you are not creating more waste and contributing to the negative impact on the environment.

Utilize Reusable Items

If you have one-time-use disposables like cups, silverware and plates, swap these out for reusable items. Whether you ask your staff to bring in their own items or supply the office with communal items, you can reduce your one-time use only products, thus creating far less waste.

Reduce Your Energy Use

Your energy use is another area to address as you look to encourage more sustainable business practices. Reducing your energy use, by reminding employees to shut down their computers at night, allowing in natural sources of light, utilizing alternative energy sources and ensuring everything is powered down at the end of the day can reduce your harmful effects on the environment. By making this a habit and ensuring that everyone ascribes to this, you can help support the world around you.

Companies that only focus on their bottom line are becoming less and less relevant. This is why companies reevaluate their current practices and embrace more socially conscious practices. Sustainability is often easier than you may think and offer a socially conscious approach to your business.


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