What to Know About Renting an Air Compressor

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It doesn’t matter if you are looking for power air tools, need an air compression system, or need something for industrial purposes, renting the equipment you need is often a more cost-effective option to buying it outright. Before you rent, you should consider several factors to ensure efficiency, safety, and value for the money.

If you are planning to rent a compressed air system Jacksonville FL, or any air compressor equipment, make sure you get the best results by using the tips below.

Select the Right Air Compressor

There are a few factors you must consider when choosing an air compressor. The first is the size. Consider renting a smaller, portable unit for smaller jobs or DIY projects. Remember, though, these smaller units are not as powerful.

If power is a must-have, choose a larger unit that has a higher CFM (cubic-feet-per-minute) rating. These are often bulky and would need to be towed from a worksite. You also have to consider the power source. Do you want an electrical or gas-powered unit? If you are working in an enclosed space, electric units are best because gas compressors may create hazardous fumes.

Consider the CFM

The standard CFM is an indication of the amount of air the unit can pump out into the tool being used each minute. The more air the compressor can pump, the higher the CFM will be and the more powerful the system is. However, the CFM is also dependent on the PSI (pounds per square inch) rating. This is the total amount of force the air compressor can exert to deliver the necessary pressure. The higher the PSI is the higher the CFM will be and the more powerful the air compressor is.

Capacity of the Unit

The capacity of your air compressor is dependent on the size of the tank. This dictates the total amount of air, measured in gallons, a tank can store.

If you require a constant supply of air for several hours at a time, choose an air compressor that has a larger tank. If you don’t need a constant supply of power to your tools, choose a unit with a smaller tank.

Finding the right rental equipment may seem challenging, but this information will help you choose the equipment you need for the job you are trying to do. Also, work with a professional service provider to achieve the best possible results.


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