How To Make An Armor In Minecraft

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“Every warrior has a great sword. Every warrior has great armor” Welcome everyone to this new installment. We will talk about Armor in Minecraft, exactly How to make an Armor in Minecraft? A piece of extremely necessary equipment for the combats that we will have with the other players and hostile creatures. Follow us and discover how to make an armor in minecraft!

An Armor is a team composed of several parts responsible for protecting the body from physical damage. This function is not only used in real life. It also occurs in the world of Minecraft. With this, we can protect ourselves from the damage inflicted by enemies of short and long-range. Surely you have received some damage from the mobs. If you want to have this equipment in your inventory or on top of your character, we will tell you how you can do it shortly. You can read: What are sponges used for in minecraft

How to make an armor in Minecraft?

To make an Armor, we must consider the type of material with which we will create it, that is Leather, iron, gold or Diamond. Shortly we will explain how to do each one and some details of interest.

how to make an armor in minecraft

Leather armor

This armor is made with leather, a common material in Minecraft. We can get it from some animals. These are cows, horses and donkeys. Once the 24 units of leather were obtained, we easily used the crafting table and created our armor.

Helmet: 0.5
Chest: 1.5
Trousers: 1
Boots: 0.5

This is why the armor is ranked at the bottom of the list compared to the others. Despite this, it is used very often at the beginning of the game as the first armor.

Gold Armor

This armor, as its name says, is made with gold. For this, we will use 24 gold bars. To get the ingots, we must first obtain and extract the pure gold from the gold ores in layers 35 or lower. To extract it we must use an iron (or diamond) pick. Using a lower one will only break the block, but we won’t get the gold. After extracting the pure gold, we will take it to the smelting furnace and turn it into gold ingots. We will use the ingots to create the armor.

Helmet: 1
Chest: 2.5
Pant: 1.5
Boots: 0.5

His appearance is very striking, but despite that, his defense leaves much to be desired. Making gold armor can be considered a waste of material because its durability is low, although some players do not take it into account and continue to use it.

Iron armor

Iron armor is manufactured from iron ingots, exactly 24 ingots; To get the ingots (if we do not have them), we must get some iron ore. We will find these if we dig in layers 67 or lower, we will use to extract them a stone pick (or one higher than this), after obtaining the ores (they are easy to find, they are gray ores with Brown incrustations), we will take them to the smelting furnace and we will turn them into the ingots. Now that we have the ingots, we just have to create the armor.

Helmet: 1
Chest: 3
Pant: 2.5
Boots: 1

As said before, it is a good armor compared to leather.

Diamond armor

Diamond armor is made with diamonds. Diamonds are obtained by digging layers 16 or lower. Being one of the rare minerals in the game, it is a bit difficult to get, but it does not mean that it is impossible. Once located in the corresponding layer, we will equip ourselves with an iron pick (minimum), we only have to break the diamond ore and obtain it. Now that we have obtained the diamonds (24 units), we will create the armor.

Helmet: 1.5
Chest: 4
Trousers: 3
Boots: 1.5

As you can see, the defense of the diamond armor is the best among all the armor, as is the durability. This armor is considered the best of the title.

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