9 ideas to reuse a plastic bottle in the garden

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A plastic bottle is a concern for us as consumers, so we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental “footprint,” using “the three r’s” – reduce, reuse, recycle – in an effort to help improve the environment. .

There is also an upward trend in homeowners planting a garden to reduce the environmental impact of chemical applications, thereby minimizing chemical residues from products.

So it makes sense that people have come up with clever ways to reuse ordinary items and turn them into useful garden tools.

9 ideas to reuse a plastic bottle

I am going to share with you nine incredible ideas to creatively reuse plastic bottles in your garden, preventing them from being thrown away or sent to recycle.

1. Plastic bottle as a mini greenhouse reuse a plastic bottle in the garden

Young plants, especially seedlings, benefit from growing inside clear plastic bottles.

What you should do is cut the bottom of a clean bottle and place the top half on top of the plant, pushing it down into the ground.

This mini greenhouse will help protect the plant from frost, rain, and wind.

2. Plastic bottle as a drip irrigation feeder reuse a plastic bottle in the garden

Are you going on vacation and worried about your plants? Don’t worry, you don’t need to install an expensive luxury irrigation system to self-water the garden plants while you’re away.

I have the solution for you, drill or punch holes in the sides of a clean large plastic bottle, then bury it next to a plant so that the neck is slightly above the ground surface.

Fill it with water as needed.

3. Watering can reuse a plastic bottle in the garden

There’s no need to buy a new watering can, if you have an empty gallon or juice bottle.

Using the clean bottle and a small bit, drill holes in the cap.

Fill the bottle or gallon with water, screw the cap back on and you’re done. You will have a shower made by yourself.

4. Plastic bottle as a sprayer

To use a plastic bottle as a sprayer, just drill or drill holes in one side of an empty, clean plastic bottle of at least 2 liters, and you have created a garden sprinkler.

Add a female swivel adapter and hose washers to one end of a female hose; to connect directly with the garden hose.

5. Recogeger of fruit made from a plastic bottle

Picking fruit from tall branches in fruit trees will become incredibly easy with this plastic utensil.

Punch a side hole in the bottom of a 2-liter bottle and add a handle to the neck of the bottle.

Slide the fruit into the hole, pull down, and just watch as the peaches, pears, and apples fall safely into the bottle.

6. Wasp trap with a plastic bottle

Some people encourage gardeners to let wasps fly freely around the garden to protect themselves from other pests and increase pollination.

But if you prefer not to tempt fate and finish everything chopped, it is easy to make a wasp trap, you will only need a plastic bottle, a multipurpose knife, and a stapler.

The wasps will enter to reach the mixture at the bottom of the bottle but will not be able to leave again.

7. Plastic garden shovel

We know that gardening can be simplified with something as simple as working with a garden shovel.

You can use it to dig holes or distribute mulch around plants.

You can use a gallon of vinegar, detergent, or other rigid plastic; Now just carefully cut the bottom and sides to create your own plastic shovel.

8. As background filler in garden pots

Garden planters can be very heavy to move if only stones are placed in the bottom of the pot to aid drainage.

To keep the containers lighter and easier to move, you can fill the bottom of the pot with clean, empty plastic bottles (with the lids on) and then just add potting soil to the desired height.

9. Hanging plastic bottle garden

You can create a hanging garden with plastic bottles and plant your plants there.

First, remove the bottoms of the bottles with a sharp multipurpose knife.

Decorate with thread, and drill holes for hanging.

Lastly, just fill with soil and plant your favorite plants.

These simple, but efficient ideas, reduce plastic waste and at the same time benefit your garden.

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