3 Kitchen Design Trends To Watch For in 2021

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If you are looking to update your kitchen, take the time to utilize some of the year’s most exciting trends. As you do your remodel, look at improving your storage, adding some texture and playing with colors. These contemporary updates will help give you your dream kitchen.

Improved Storage  

One of the biggest design trends is updated storage, with more options to meld style with utility. As you plan your kitchen layout, you can use custom cabinets Milwaukee WI, to help get the most out of your space. Do a walkthrough while looking at where your bigger appliances will go, and think about what sort of storage nearby would make the most sense for your cooking needs. These details will help you get more out of your kitchen when your remodel is complete.  

Textured Designs 

After creating your kitchen layout, start considering adding textures to your design. By adding some textured detailing to the walls and cabinets, you can bring more dimension to the room. To help you pick your layout, think about what materials and colors you will be using and use throughout your house. By reusing colors or patterns in other rooms, you can help bring a sense of unity and create a unique look to your space.   

Playful Colors  

As a final detail, start bringing new colors and palettes to your design. In the past, grays were a dominant color trend that was popular with home remodels. However, this year is seeing warm and vibrant colors make their way into rooms across the country. Warmer colors like beige are getting named Palette of the Year. You can take advantage of these new color ideas to give your kitchen a welcoming vibe year-round.    

Once you have finished your kitchen re-design, you will be thankful for all the little details that help make the room truly years.   


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