Common Property Disputes

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Property disputes are one of the most common types of disputes that end up in court. There are many reasons as to why these types of disputes occur and when they do, it is important that both parties be prepared to present their case in court and work towards a mutually acceptable solution. Here is a look at some of the most common disputes people face with respect to property ownership disputes.

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One of the most common property disputes that occur is one involving titles. When a homeowner wants to sell or buy a house, one of the first things that will need to be determined is who owns the property in question. If there are any problems or issues regarding ownership of the estate, such as when there are disagreements regarding the amount of money that the owner is entitled to receive from the sale of the house, or if there are any liens or back taxes against the property, it is best that all parties involved work out an agreement beforehand as to who gets what in the case of a dispute.

Another type of common property disputes occur when neighbours fail to share space. This can range from issues that involve the opening of a gate to larger issues that involve things like property boundaries. There may be a problem if the neighbour wants to build or do something in an area that goes beyond the posted boundary line. Many times, these disputes involve neighbours that live very close to one another and have access to the same driveways for example.

One of the most common types of property disputes occurs when one party tries to take over another person’s land. In many cases, this is simply because one party feels like they have the right to do so, and in some cases, the party involved feels like they are being bullied by the other party. There are also times when people try to take over another person’s property so that they can build something on it, sell it, or use it for their own business.

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When neighbours fail to share space, common types of property disputes may involve things like noisy neighbours. It has been found that in many cases, there is more than just one reason why neighbours become nuisances.

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It is important that you seek legal advice before proceeding. You will want to find out exactly what type of damages you could be liable for, as well as what type of damages your neighbour might be responsible for through their actions. If you think you have a good case, however, you may want to consult with a solicitor who specialises in such disputes to determine if you have a strong case.



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