Could grey flooring be the right choice for your new home?

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If you’re looking for a clean, classic base for a room, consider grey flooring, which is a massively versatile shade that matches almost all styles of décor. This versatility means you can change your room decoration and furnishings, without needing to change your flooring. It’s perfect for those who like to be on-trend, but without the expense of making regular flooring changes. It’s also perfect for that new house purchase to keep the costs down. If your buy to then do the property up to sell you will want every penny possible which is why you will want to hire a Conveyancing Solicitors London to help with all the finer details to keep track of the finances.  Maybe take a look at options including for an idea of what they offer.

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With a grey floor, your room is free to take on the accents and colours that you choose. Grey laminate flooring looks chic and stylish, while letting the other colours and patterns in a room dominate the feeling of the room. You can therefore change the feel of a room rapidly with furnishings alone, while your floor continues to exude style and sophistication.

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Colour schemes with grey

Many colour schemes work well with grey. In fact, most colour schemes suit grey flooring, as it is a colour that allows other colours to come alive, without dominating them. It quietly sits in the background, looking elegant and contemporary, allowing other colours to shine and make a statement.

While many interior designers have been turning to grey flooring, restaurants, offices and retail spaces have also caught onto this trend. For stunning flooring, consider a specialist company for all your needs, whether you are doing up your own home or a commercial property. The result will be an attractive and modern floor that is versatile in its material as well as its colour.

Shades of grey

Some say grey is becoming the new magnolia, and with at least 50 shades of grey to choose from, which one will you choose? While grey is becoming a popular palette of choice for walls, it is also starting to dominate choices in flooring. Its neutrality allows accent colours to stand out and steal the show. It can also be layered, with deepening shades of grey adding to your design scheme.

Another reason grey flooring is gaining in popularity is that it works well with more contemporary interior design materials, such as glass, concrete and stainless steel. They all work well in a cool, ultramodern design scheme. Add flashes of colour to your room in your furnishings, and you will draw attention to the pieces you wish to stand out.


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