How to add some style to your living room

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Living rooms are designed to be places that family and friends can gather together and spend time enjoying a good film or other activity together. As a result this is often a space that is decorated to be cosy and welcoming as well as being stylish. There are some great ways that you can add some style to your living room space.

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Cushions – no living room is complete without some beautifully placed cushions. You can find these in all manner of shapes and sizes and the ones that you choose will depend on how big your sofa and chairs are and whether you have any snug areas that you want to pad out with cushions. The beauty of using cushions is that you can change up the covers depending on the time of year and this can add some extra style and elegance to your living room.

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Throws – these are another wonderful way to add some cosiness to a living room. Match them with your curtains or pick something that reflects the seasons.Whilst in the summer you may not need to have a throw to hand, during the autumn and the winter they become the perfect fashionable accessory.

Curtains – curtains can add elegance to any room and with Curtain Makers London way such as it is possible to have them created in almost any style and pattern that you desire. It is important that your curtain colours match the decor that you have in your living room space. This may mean looking at colours that complement those tones on your walls, or you may like to deliberately choose something that clashes, but in a good way.


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