How to eliminate septic smell in house?

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The septic tank is a static sewer, which requires certain interventions to maintain efficient operation. The septic tank is equipped with an inflow and outflow pipe. In particular, the latter favors the conveyance of the effluent towards a final destination. In very simple words, the waste, solids and liquids coming from the drains accumulate inside the septic tank.

What causes septic smell in house?

Certain malfunctions, or wrong behaviors, can compromise the correct functioning of the entire system. In fact, incorrect treatment of the septic tank can cause rather unpleasant damage, such as bad smells and traffic jams. All this determines both functional and health problems. You can read also 3 Great Home Renovation Ideas

Bad smells, in addition to being unpleasant, are a symptom of something more complex and often of a failure to clean the inside of the pit. It is necessary to intervene in an opportune and adequate way, working with professional equipment.

septic smell in house

Where does the bad smell of the septic tank come from?

Inside the septic tank, liquid and solid substances of various kinds accumulate, which flow from the drains (bathroom, laundry, kitchen, etc.).

Enzymes, generated by microorganisms, help to degrade solid waste by facilitating its disposal in the sewer system or in the surrounding soil. However, these enzymes cannot do all the work on their own, as waste accumulation is inevitable.

This problem causes the bad smell of the septic tank, which spreads along the pipes.

For this reason, the septic tank must be emptied periodically, avoiding traffic jams, overflow of solid waste and bad smells.

How long does it take for septic tank smell to go away?

Lately, you may have smelled a foul odor coming from the sewage drains. When septic drainage smells bad it will cause bad odors in the house and can be difficult to remove. Septic tank smell is not only smelly but also very unhealthy if it builds up inside your home for a long time. If you want to know how long does it take for septic tank smell to go away, then you should first understand the reasons behind foul-smelling tanks.

When you flush your toilet or anything else that goes down drains, it mixes with water and other substances like chemicals. Then this mixture will flow into a tank where bacteria live. These are the ones that will break down the other substances. During this process, bad bacteria and gases will release foul smells. When these are released in the air they will spread to all parts of your house.

So if you want to know how long does it take for septic tank smell to go away, then you should first identify a way on how to stop the bad odors from spreading to all parts of your house. To do this, follow the tips below:

1. Keep your tank clean

To know how long does it take for septic tank smell to go away, you should first find out why there is such a foul smell coming from the sewage tank. One common reason why there is such a smell is because of a dirty tank. When the septic tank is not regularly cleaned, there will be remnants of bacteria and other substances that will give off a foul smell.

So if you want to avoid smelling bad odors outside your house, then you should make it a habit to clean your tank at least twice per year including winter and summer.

2. Keep the lid of your tank shut tight

When you have a septic tank, it will be placed in an area outside the home where rainwater can fall into it. This means that water may enter accidentally when it rains; this can lead to heavy build-up which cannot only give foul smells but also clog the pipes and other parts of your system. To avoid this from happening, you should keep the lid of your tank shut tight when it rains outside.

3. Install carbon filters

If you have a septic tank then there are chances that foul odors will enter the house because of gas leakages. You can also get rid of these odors by installing carbon filters inside your house. To know how long does it take for septic tank smell to go away, you should make it a point in going and applying chemical treatments to the water coming from your tank until the bad odors are gone.

4. Allow air circulation in your house

If not careful then there is a big chance that the bad odors will spread outside your house. When this happens, it will be difficult to get rid of them and these can even make you sick. You can easily avoid such from happening if you allow air circulation in all parts of your house and always open windows whenever there is a foul smell coming from anywhere in the house.

In some cases, people rely on industrial products to eliminate the bad smell of the septic tank. Unfortunately, they are only palliatives, which at the beginning can limit the bad smell, but in fact, these industrial products have no effect from a practical point of view.

Bad smells are coming from a lack of cleaning. The only thing to do is to rely on an expert and qualified company able to clean and sanitize the septic tank.

The first operation to do is emptying the septic tank. Then we proceed with the cleaning of the septic tank through a thorough rinsing action. Finally, its sanitization is carried out.

When the operators intervene by completely emptying the pit, cleaning it and sanitizing it from top to bottom, the bad smell of the septic tank will be definitively eliminated.

In this way, the correct functioning of the septic tank will be restored, without bad smells or any problems of clogging or overflowing.

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