Keeping your Home Well Insulated to Reduce the Cost of Heating Bills

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Keeping your home well insulated is one of the most important things that you can do if you want to preserve energy and make your heating go further – with prices for heating on the rise, it is now more important than ever to make sure that you have a home that is well insulated and able to keep you and your family warm.

The first place to check for insulation and make improvements is in the roof. This is because this is where most heat tends to be lost from as heat rises, so making sure that you have the right insulation in your loft is essential if you want an energy efficient home. You may even be eligible for a grant to help you with this.

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Another thing to look at is the windows and doors. Windows are another place where you can lose heat, and if they are old and damaged, then getting a professional like this double glazing Bridgwater based company to replace them with new ones is a good idea.

Your doors can also be culprits for letting out heat – if you have a letterbox, use a letterbox draught excluder to prevent cold air blowing into your home, and also a draught excluder along the bottom of the door and under any internal doors will also help.

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Using curtains and rugs is also a good way to keep heat in your home. Some curtains are specially designed for keeping the heat in, and rugs can help keep the floor warm.


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