Making a Smaller Kitchen Work Well for you

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If you have a kitchen that is small, it can be a struggle to have it working the way that you want it. However, smaller kitchens can be made to work well for you, you just need to use a little bit of imagination!

Something that many people struggle with in a smaller kitchen and in the home in general, is having the space to store all the things that they need. However, you can make great use of the space in a small kitchen. Using the walls to maximise the space that you have available is a good idea, so put up shelves and you can store things there.

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You can also get great storage units in cupboards that keeps everything well organised. It might even be worth looking at ways that you can redesign your kitchen to maximise the space you have available to you.

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You also want the room to feel more spacious – using light to do this is a good idea. Filling up the darker areas with spotlights and decorating well with downlight covers like this is a great way to make the room feel lighter and brighter.

You can also use colour to give your kitchen a lighter look. Using paler colours will reflect more of the light and make the room feel a much bigger space than it is. You can paint the cupboards as well as the walls.


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