Trees to Consider Adding to your Garden

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Adding a tree to your garden not only provides you with a beautiful sight to look at throughout the year but is also very beneficial for wildlife. You can plant a sapling, or if you prefer buy one of these mature trees for sale

Here are three native trees that you might want to consider adding to your garden…

Hawthorn – This small shrubby tree is usually used for hedging as it helps to keep livestock in. As well as being a great tree for bees and butterflies, it also produces red berries in the autumn known as haws. The birds love these, and you can also use them to make hedgerow jam. Hawthorn is linked to the Celtic fire festival of Beltane and is also known as the May tree as its beautiful white blossoms bloom around May day.

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Hazel – This is a great tree for a smaller garden. It can be coppiced to keep it to a manageable size, and in the autumn months the hazelnuts are a feast for many animals. You will have to get there before the squirrels if you want some for yourself! They are also enjoyed by birds and the rare dormouse.

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Oak – This is a majestic tree that is suitable for a large garden, as its roots can extend a long way. Oak trees are the exclusive food of the purple hairstreak caterpillar, and in the summer, you may be able to spot the adult butterflies near the top of the tree. Acorns from the oak trees provide autumn food for birds like the jay which buries them to keep them over winter.


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