How can you improve your SEO rankings?

Search Engine Optimisation is the way in which you can improve the search engine results for your business. It requires looking at the keywords that you want to be found for and having them placed in your website content as well as looking at some technical SEO and backlinks. An SEO Belfast company can give you all the support you need to get started with improving your SEO.

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Here are some of the things that Ryco SEO Belfast Agency and others will talk to you about.

Content – make sure that you re regular publishing content on your website that is relevant to your industry. There are keywords that you might want to include in your text to help improve its SEO score. It is important that you try to see whether you can use any of these keywords in the title or the subheadings of your content.

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Metadata – this is information about the contents of your webpages and it includes itesm such as the page titles, descriptions and keywords. The agency mentioned above will be able to take you through this in more detail if you work with them on an SEO performance strategy.

Sharing – by having lots of authoritative andinteresting content you will find that you attract backlinks. These are people who maybe share out your information on their social media profiles or even ask you to write an article that can be placed on their website.

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