How to style a shawl collar sweater

With the temperature comfortably low at the moment, it’s time to break out that classic essential – the sweater. Dynamic, sharp, comfortable, a sweater is always in style.

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V-neck and crewneck sweaters are great for layering, but a piece with a more rugged edge is a shawl collar sweater. It brings great versatility – one moment, you can be an outdoorsman, ready for a hike, and then you can be professional and dressy as well. Here’s our guide on how to perfectly style this kind of sweater.

What is a shawl neck?

Shawl neck sweaters have a wide turned-over collar that narrows until meeting in the middle. They offer a relaxed and casual fit that can either be dressed up or dressed down to meet the situation. They can be layered and changed to meet whatever the situation – simply wear a formal shirt and tie underneath, or wear one over a simple t-shirt.

Casual look

Make a stylish casual outfit by pairing a mens single button shaw collar Aran sweater with an everyday button up shirt, sturdy black denim jeans, and leather boots. Mix in some funky socks and a bold accessory. It’s a combination that can be worn to casual Friday but would also work for everything from a first date to an after work concert.

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Feelin’ formal

A shawl collar sweater is perfect for a formal event, when paired with like-minded staples. A crisp white dress shirt will stand up against the thick knit of the sweater, and a patterned tie will make the look pop. Add in navy wool trousers and black and white wingtips to create a serious and sharp look for any office.

High and low and ready to go

This mixes both casual and business looks. Take a mens single button shaw collar Aran sweater, add some slim khaki chinos, and some brown leather sneakers. Add some striped socks, a comfy Henley, and a matching belt and watch.

This is a casual outfit that works in a variety of different situations. You can wear it on the morning coffee run or grabbing beers at the weekend.

When combined with unexpected combos and colours, a shawl collar sweater can really stand out as a stylish addition to every wardrobe – timeless, functional, and always fashionable. It’s hard to go wrong.

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