Tips For Traveling With Limited Mobility

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If you’re looking for a holiday destination that’s easy to navigate with limited mobility, consider a day trip to a site with plenty of wheelchair-friendly attractions. Even travelling around a new town or city can improve quality of life by allowing you to see new places and interact with people. Travelling outside your home can also help ease stress and pain. Below are some tips for travelling with limited mobility:

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Make travel arrangements ahead of time. Major airports provide special services for disabled travellers and offer wheelchair assistance. These services are provided by airlines and allow people to use wheelchairs to get to the boarding gate or disembark. Identify places where wheelchair assistance is offered and work with them to make sure the accommodations are made. Find accommodation that offers the same kind of support and accessible rooms. There are loads of really useful guides online that list accessible venues and accommodation. To help you reach your destination, consider the benefits of WAV Vehicles. Find out more at a site like

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Make sure your caregiver or those travelling with you know about any special needs you may have. Travel arrangements for children and adults are often adjusted to accommodate needs of those with limited mobility. As we age, travel becomes more difficult. Even seasoned travellers have to adjust their travel plans to accommodate new health conditions and ensure that they don’t find travel difficult and uncomfortable.



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