What do companies look for that are not in your CV?

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Being brave, knowing how to learn from failures, constantly moving and being yourself; what companies are looking for goes through these four characteristics. But inside a CV all this is not found.

As much as it can be built and drafted in the best way, the Curriculum Vitae cannot on its own satisfy all the requests of a company, or rather it cannot answer all the questions that it would like to ask you. Not even the cover letter is able to fulfill such a task and even combining the two documents, there are still gaps. So what are companies looking for? What does the company to which you sent the curriculum and in which it did not find definitive answers want from you? Let’s see it in this article …

What are companies looking for?

In fact, they are looking for something called resilience, or the ability to withstand shocks and difficulties, pursuing a medium or long-term goal. This ability, even to write it on the Curriculum Vitae changes little, or you have it or not. And, in this second case, it is necessary to develop it. But what do you need to have, on what behaviors and what qualities should you work to reach a satisfactory degree of resilience? There are some attitudes that if adopted demonstrate the possession or in any case the capacity of development of this very important quality, let’s see what they are.

Be Brave

More and more companies today are looking for people who know how to break the mold, who then have the courage not to simply adapt to the line and to the corporate culture, but who know how to renew it, change it, redirect it. To do this, however, it takes some courage; in fact, you have to know how to go against the preconceived schemes, maybe confront yourself with colleagues who think differently from you, in situations of high stress. The problem, however, is that changes and innovations can never come from stalling behavior? If you stay where you are, nothing will ever change. Companies, instead, having to innovate to do business, need people who are able to do this, and who know how to use resilience precisely as a result of breaking the rules, to make one, two, three steps forward, maybe even all at once.

Manage Bankruptcies

There are always failures behind the best inventions. Failure is not a problem if bankruptcy management is wise. Hiding one of your defeats at a job interview may not help you as you believe, but rather damage you. Explain instead why that time you lost and what you did then to come back in vogue, what did you learn from that failure, how in short did you turn a defeat in the short term into a first life lesson and then into a victory taking into consideration a period longer can instead be a winning strategy. Companies are not looking for people who hide their weaknesses, but look for you, if you are one that these weaknesses turn them into forces.

Exceeds Perfection

It seems a contradiction but it is not so; this is because perfection basically does not exist. We must therefore achieve excellence, taking it for granted that once the best job in the world is done, it will never be perfect, because the world itself moves, always and you have to do it with him. In this sense resilience is fundamental, as the ability to continuously pursue a goal that moves, despite everything and everyone. If we really want to talk about perfection at work, at least in a theoretical sense, behold, the continuous capacity to understand what is happening and to anticipate the results, thus achieving the goals in a shorter time, can be considered a sort of imperfect perfection. Something that is absolutely right to do, but that will never lead to a unique result, because, precisely, that result will shift.

Be Yourself

Resilience does not mean fighting against everything and everyone, always without any reason, and moreover doing things that make no sense. Who is interviewing you he is more experienced than you, otherwise he would not be there and the vast majority of the time notice almost immediately if you pretend to be someone you are not. When he notices his first reaction is to try to understand the reason for such behavior on your part and this generates in his mind a series of doubts that are certainly not positive for your image. Maybe you do it in good faith, thinking that it is better to “pretend a little” to give yourself a tone, but it is not so, one thing is to play well the information to be given, another is to change it completely with respect to what you wrote in CV. Don’t do it, that’s not resilience, that’s lying. And it’s not good at all.

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