How to clean fitbit band

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Staying fit and healthy is critical to quality of life. However, not everyone has the willpower necessary to dedicate an hour or two of their time to physical exercise . Physical activity is often tiring, sometimes boring. It is also not always easy to keep track of your progress. But technology comes to meet us, thanks to some extremely interesting accessories. Let’s talk about wrist trackers , which act as small portable personal trainers . They implement very useful functions, such as the heart rate monitor and the step counter. They are very useful devices for fitness, and can also monitor the sleep cycle. The fit bitit is one of the most famous and functional. And besides being useful, it can also be a fashion accessory. Mount various straps, of different materials. And in the next few steps we will see how to clean the strap of a fit bit.

How to clean fitbit band

how to clean fitbit band

The fit bit can be fitted with a strap made of leather, elastic material, canvas or even metal. For each of these, different cleaning methods are recommended. Elastic straps are the easiest to clean. Water is usually sufficient to remove sweat and faint streaks. We could also use a soft toothbrush, in case the dirt is a little more resistant. If we want to use a cleanser, choose one without soap. There are several on the market, such as Aquanil. A leather strap, on the other hand, is a little more delicate. It can be cleaned with water, as long as you dry it immediately afterwards. We use a soft, lint-free cloth.

Clean metal bands

The fit bit exists primarily to help those who train regularly. But we can wear it and monitor the body even outside of training. In this case, a metal strap can transform the fit bit into a more elegant accessory. To clean this band we use a soft, new, lint-free cloth. We can moisten it with a little water or a product suitable for cleaning metals. After cleaning, we will immediately dry the strap. Depending on the type of metal, in fact, excessive humidity would cause damage. And it could also dull the metal of the band.

Clean textile straps

A textile strap can be hand washed with a very mild detergent. If the mesh of the fabric is similar to canvas shoes, we might as well use a toothbrush. The important thing is that the bristles are soft. After washing, we let the band air dry. However, let’s not expose it to direct sunlight. In this way we will avoid discoloring the strap, fading it. Substances such as body lotions and perfumes may also fade a fabric band. We are therefore careful not to expose it excessively to these products. We remind you to clean our straps frequently, preferably after each workout.

We always store the fit bit in its case if we have it. Keeping it away from dust and direct sunlight will keep it intact much longer.

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