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Some Finer Points to Consider when Achieving the Vintage Look

Designing your wedding can be a minefield, especially knowing how to stand out from the crowd – while still staying classy. The vintage look is growing increasingly popular with brides who are looking to distinguish their nuptials with historic stylings.

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Not only are vintage pieces harder to imitate, they stand the test of time. As celebrities like Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Liberty Ross have shown, vintage wedding attire allows you to create your own unique style.

Do Your Homework

Vintage wedding ideas can come from anywhere – movies, old photos, fashion magazines or even music. Find a style that you love and begin to create your own scrapbook of inspirational material. Not only is this a fun and practical way to plan your wedding, you can show it to everyone from the invitation designer to your makeup artist. Remember that second-hand dress shops can be a goldmine for ideas, as the Guardian has reported. Charity shops and dress agencies, while not necessarily vintage specialists, can provide you with plenty of direction if you’re uncertain how to pull your look together. Don’t forget that bargain accessories can be spruced up to complement your dress on the big day. You can use Adjustable Pallet Racking to put items on as they can be used to look retro and vintage and they are easily accessible from sites like

Coherence Is Key

Having a scrapbook will also help your wedding achieve a coherent vintage look. If your style is 1930s, then stick with this the whole way through. Don’t accessorise a 1930s dress with a ‘50s hairdo, for example. You want all eyes to be on you, not on your clashing look. You can find lots of potential ideas on how to accessorise your dress authentically online. If in doubt, keep it simple and subtle. Women were rarely as flashy years ago as we might be now; look for good quality materials and cuts instead.


Decide early on whether your guests will be part of your wedding style. Although vintage themed weddings are popular, some of your guests might go overboard and wear fancy dress – not the authentic vintage stylings you were looking for. Whatever the case, make sure your husband to be is part of your plans. Nothing is more awkward than a husband who’s uncomfortable with his wedding attire – you want him to be smiling as well!

Watch the entertainment you want with these Cost effective ways

For a long time, UK TV offered limited channel choice, only having five main channels up until the nineties. With the digital revolution, there was an explosion in the channels available to watch and we can now download, record and watch streamed content, alongside scheduled programming.  So now you can sit back, relax and work your way through literally thousands of channels.  If you and your friends are sat in your Park Homes Gloucester accommodation watching tele together you will be sure to find a film or programme to watch, with a nice glass of wine and a selection of cheeses..  If you fancy enjoying park home life then simply visit sites including

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However, all this entertainment comes at a cost, either a monthly fee from you or from advertising revenue. So what are the most cost-effective ways to keep viewing?


With this service, you literally view for free. No costs other than the initial setup.

You can purchase standalone Freeview boxes, but most modern TVs will come with a Freeview receiver installed. Newer TVs are available with Freeview Play which allows you to access catch-up services to view programmes you have missed first time around. You can even buy recorders to allow digital recording of Freeview.

Freeview is a great choice for those on a tight budget or those who don’t wish to commit to a monthly fee. However, although it boasts over 70 channels, some of these, like shopping channels, may not be used much. You also need to have an aerial to access Freeview, and as the BBC points out, to get a clear signal, it must be correctly installed –

Viewers may need to use a professional fitter to ensure they get good service, as well as repairs, as per their website.

Image Credit

Want more content?

Sky, Virgin and some of the ISP companies offer a range of extra channels and content above and beyond a basic Freeview line-up, so it’s worth shopping around to find the package that best suits your viewing needs and your budget. You will usually find these companies require you to sign up to a minimum length contract, often a year or more.

Streaming services

For more of a pay as you go service, you could look at the various streaming content providers, for example, Netflix or Amazon Prime where you pay a monthly fee with no contract for various streaming content.

NowTV is somewhere between the two types, available with a Freeview installed box or without a contract, you can pay for monthly passes to access various channels and content, mostly from Sky TV.


Perfect Bridal Hair Accessories on a Budget

One of the most important aspects of a wedding day for the bride is her hair. Hair is the crowning glory of a bride’s outfit and, whatever style the bride chooses, it must reflect her personality and complement her look. This is really important for when the bride is welcoming all her guests into the venue of choice.  This is backed up by the reception team who should use a Visitor Management System UK to keep record off everyone staying with them at any one time.  Simply visit businesses like Ofec to find out more information. Hair accessories are a great way to highlight a hairstyle and add a touch of extra glamour. Read on to discover some wonderful hair accessory ideas for the big day.

Image Credit


Brides who want a vintage style will love the traditional look with a glittering tiara. Tiaras always look very regal and are especially effective when they have sparkling stones set into the design. Fashionable designs include leaf shapes and snowflakes. A highly modern-looking tiara can also be achieved by linking a line of flowers and placing these in the hair.

Hair Vines

For an alternative hair accessory, brides can consider hair vines, which can also be sparkly but are a little more subtle. These vines can be worn around the head like a crown or tiara, and they can also be worn lower down at the back of the head to offset a bun or low ponytail.

Hair Combs

A third option for brides looking for hair accessories would be hair combs. These are highly versatile, offering an easy way to create an up-do or giving an extra touch of glamour and sparkle at the side or back of the hair. Combs can be worn in a variety of different ways, and they always add an elegant and grown-up feel to any outfit.


Headpieces are a dramatic way to accessorize your hair, whether you have a long or short style. These often have a retro twist. Lace cloche hats can be worn as headpieces, leaving the hair long at the sides and back. These glamorous options can also take the form of a crown or a tiara with trailing pearls or a headband.

There are endless options when it comes to wedding hair designs. There are also many places to turn to enjoy style guides and ideas about fashion, make-up and clothing.
One popular option right now in wedding hair design is to wear a vine as an Alice band, either draping it across the forehead for a stunning 1920s look or wearing it as a tiara on top of an up-do.

Things to see in Faro

If you always dream of visiting Portugal, then you are not alone – this is a very popular and beautiful destination. Don’t ignore the capital, because most tourists arrive there and travel directly out of the city to seaside resorts. Here are the best things to do in Faro:

  1. Praia de Faro

Don’t rush to the resort but stay and explore the capital. Right behind the airport, you can follow the direct path to Praia de Faro, a vast expanse of soft sand dotted with beach bars and casual cafes for you to immediately immerse yourself in Portuguese life and get out of travel mode.

Image credit

  1. Cidade Velha

The old city is a must-visit area that offers a variety of architectural styles to enjoy, along with the famous storks who nest along the rooftops. There are a variety of ancient cafes and bars to choose from, from which to watch the world go by or visit O Castelo, with its packed calendar of cultural events and live music. Travel to Faro with Irish Airports at

  1. Sé de Faro

This is an iconic cathedral that rose from the site of an ancient Roman temple and once functioned as a Moorish mosque. This place is now a dazzling example of a Roman Gothic style, with stunning views of Faro and impressive Baroque organs.

  1. Faro City Museum

Before you even go inside, you will be amazed because the architecture itself is a sight that is worth seeing. Featuring mosaics from the 3rd century and statues of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, there is much to see to keep you hooked. The museum tells the story of Faro from birth until today as well as seeing some works of art from Carlos Porfirio.

  1. Churches in Faro

Faro is the perfect place to see the beautiful churches in the clean white ceramic buildings that you would expect in this region. Make sure you add the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo to your itinerary. It’s a splendid twin towered building with a gold-plated décor decorated in a Brazilian style. For those who aren’t squeamish, the Capela dos Ossos is nearby and is constructed from the bones and skulls of over a thousand monks!

  1. Olhao fish market

The building that provides the home for the Olhao fish market was designed by Gustav Eiffel! (Yes, the same who designed the Eiffel Tower). Located by the beach, this is the ideal place to sample some of the region’s best fresh fish.

Image credit

  1. Ria Formosa

Described as one of the most beautiful places in the entire Algarve, this is a natural park and a haven for wildlife. This area consists of salt pans, barrier islands and lagoons, making it the perfect destination for biking, hiking, kayaking, or taking part in guided tours. Go see the birds and see many other protected species that thrive here.

  1. The Palácio de Estoi

Visiting Faro isn’t complete without visiting the parks that were designed in the 19th century by the aristocrat, Fernando de Carvalhal. Inside the gardens, you’ll discover secret caves, tranquil fountains and areas of beauty bedecked in blue porcelain tiles. Palacio is now a luxury hotel, but you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the view and coffee on the balcony of the restaurant which offers incredible views.

Are there to many cars on the road?

Over the years more and more cars have joined our network and although the government has introduced new A roads and motorways, short cuts and even introduced using the hard shoulder you can’t help but wonder, are there to many cars on the road? What will happen eventually with waiting times and accidents? Will I just end up leaving my car at home?

Have your floorboards become loose and Creaky?

Over time, floorboards can become loose and creaky, or they can start to look worn and old. If your floorboards are worn, don’t worry – you can easily restore them to their original glory. It is normal for floorboards to need some love and attention after a few years of use – after all, they get walked on every day!

Image Credit

Repairing your floorboards is often much cheaper and more time efficient than replacing them completely, but it is important to do some research before you get started. Here’s everything that you need to know about repairing your floorboards.

Treating rotten flooring

You may notice that your wooden flooring has lots of small holes in it. This is normally caused by either woodworm or dry rot, and depending on the problem you may need to call a specialist for help. According to Aviva, you can make the repairs yourself if they are due to the Common Furniture Beetle, but if the holes are caused by the House Longhorn Beetle or the Deathwatch Beetle, you will need to hire professionals as they can cause structural damage. The same applies to dry rot.

Check the holes to see if they are recent or not. If they’re dark in colour it is likely that they were treated in the past. If there is dust around the hole, it is a sign of a recent or current infestation, and you should treat it immediately.

If the holes are caused by the Common Furniture Beetle, you can fix the floors yourself with some timber treatment. Simply put on some gloves and pour the treatment into a pot. Pull up each floorboard that shows signs of woodworm and paint both sides with the treatment before replacing the floorboard.

Creaking floorboards

There are two ways to fix creaking floorboards. If the floorboard is still in good condition, you can take out the nails and re-screw the boards. If the boards are damaged, you can buy new floorboards to replace the damaged ones. Alternatively, consider buying engineered wood flooring, as this is affordable and long-lasting.  This is normally the case when you head into your attic space as there can be damp in the air which lifts the boards and creates creaking.  The roof is generally the main source of water due to tiny holes that have occurred over time. If you are looking at repairing your floor I would first start by repairing the holes in the roof with roof sealant sourced from sites like

Before you start drilling, you need to check underneath the floorboards for cables and pipes. If you find any, make a mark in pencil on the floorboard so you know to avoid drilling there.

Property ideas for Landlords

If you are new to being a landlord and you have recently bought a few new properties and need some ideas on what to put in them in regards to utilities and furniture then this may help you.

We have come up with a few items that are essential for any property.

Image Credit

Kitchen ideas –

You should probably provide a Fridge and freezer if you plan to rent out the property and make sure they are suitable for the type of tenant you plan to accommodate. Also look at what kind of cooking equipment you have and if the oven is sufficient enough.  Have you checked the sink and taps to make sure they work without leeks and some landlords will even provide a dishwasher or washing machine within the property.

Bathroom –

Obviously a clean, working toilet with a bath or shower or both, a sink and a hand towel holder.  You will want to think about damp proofing as you don’t want mould growing within the first year.  Most people will put down a laminate on the floor as bathroom floors are notoriously wet areas.  Perhaps look at what kind of windows are in the bathroom and consider putting in misted glass so outsiders can’t look in.

Living areas –

What will you provide in the living areas will depend on the amount of rent being charged but essentials should be working plug points, lighting, a fire place and working heating.   If you are looking at offering some quality products which will stand out from other properties you could invest in column radiators on websites including

Bedroom –

There isn’t an awful amount that you can provide in a bathroom that the tenant won’t all ready be bringing themselves.  Obviously you will want working lights, plug points, perhaps built in wardrobes and nice big windows that open to keep the room fresh.

Internet and phone line –

There should be a wifi connection or at least a phone line connection for you to plug into as we are in an age of technology and we are addicted to our laptops, phones and searching.

Fire safety

One more very important factor to take in as fire safety.  You should provide a smoke alarm in each zone of the property, fire blankets and an accessible fire extinguisher.  Clearly marked fire exit signs should be posted on each exit and if there are several floors and the stairs are blocked there should be an external exit option.

The different places that have stain glass windows

You wouldn’t believe how many places still have stain glass windows and just how beautiful they are to look at.  You really need to stand and look at every pain of glass because you will see new pieces of art every time and new colours.  There is often a story being told in the window which is great to try and guess.  Here is a list of just some of the locations with stain glass windows.

Image Credit

St Marys Church in Fairford –

 This church has the most complete set of windows in the country and was installed in the church between 1500 and 1515.  There were a lot of Stained glass windows that were broken in the past on purpose but luckily they survived but were  damaged in the 1700’s by a storm.  There was a big restoration completed in 2010 and should hopefully keep the windows in a great condition for years to come.

Gloucester Cathedral –

Gloucester Cathedral had one of the largest windows in the world being the size of a tennis court.  It was installed in the 1350’s as an example of medieval stained glass.  There is a large selection of stained glass windows in the building including in the lady chapel.

St Leonard in Tortworth –

This church is believed to have a depiction of Edward 4th dating from around 1470. This is quite unusual for a village church. Legend goes that one of his mistresses lived in the house next door.

Image credit

Holy Trinity in Rangeworthy

This church was built in Roman times but all the stained glass windows are modern. If you want modern windows that keep you warm with a quality finish then head to a Cheltenham Double Glazing company at links like

St Pauls at Clifton

The windows here deal with the life of St Paul.    They were installed between 1869 and 1877 by hardman and co. Other windows include the raising of Lazarous and Christ walking on water.

The story follows beautifully from one window to the next like in a story book but on windows.

St Christopher at Warden Hill

Built in the 1960s St Christophers is best known for its stained glassed windows which depict a parade from the gospels.  Designed by Tom Denny they were installed around 1985.

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