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Property ideas for Landlords

If you are new to being a landlord and you have recently bought a few new properties and need some ideas on what to put in them in regards to utilities and furniture then this may help you.

We have come up with a few items that are essential for any property.

Image Credit

Kitchen ideas –

You should probably provide a Fridge and freezer if you plan to rent out the property and make sure they are suitable for the type of tenant you plan to accommodate. Also look at what kind of cooking equipment you have and if the oven is sufficient enough.  Have you checked the sink and taps to make sure they work without leeks and some landlords will even provide a dishwasher or washing machine within the property.

Bathroom –

Obviously a clean, working toilet with a bath or shower or both, a sink and a hand towel holder.  You will want to think about damp proofing as you don’t want mould growing within the first year.  Most people will put down a laminate on the floor as bathroom floors are notoriously wet areas.  Perhaps look at what kind of windows are in the bathroom and consider putting in misted glass so outsiders can’t look in.

Living areas –

What will you provide in the living areas will depend on the amount of rent being charged but essentials should be working plug points, lighting, a fire place and working heating.   If you are looking at offering some quality products which will stand out from other properties you could invest in column radiators on websites including

Bedroom –

There isn’t an awful amount that you can provide in a bathroom that the tenant won’t all ready be bringing themselves.  Obviously you will want working lights, plug points, perhaps built in wardrobes and nice big windows that open to keep the room fresh.

Internet and phone line –

There should be a wifi connection or at least a phone line connection for you to plug into as we are in an age of technology and we are addicted to our laptops, phones and searching.

Fire safety

One more very important factor to take in as fire safety.  You should provide a smoke alarm in each zone of the property, fire blankets and an accessible fire extinguisher.  Clearly marked fire exit signs should be posted on each exit and if there are several floors and the stairs are blocked there should be an external exit option.

The different places that have stain glass windows

You wouldn’t believe how many places still have stain glass windows and just how beautiful they are to look at.  You really need to stand and look at every pain of glass because you will see new pieces of art every time and new colours.  There is often a story being told in the window which is great to try and guess.  Here is a list of just some of the locations with stain glass windows.

Image Credit

St Marys Church in Fairford –

 This church has the most complete set of windows in the country and was installed in the church between 1500 and 1515.  There were a lot of Stained glass windows that were broken in the past on purpose but luckily they survived but were  damaged in the 1700’s by a storm.  There was a big restoration completed in 2010 and should hopefully keep the windows in a great condition for years to come.

Gloucester Cathedral –

Gloucester Cathedral had one of the largest windows in the world being the size of a tennis court.  It was installed in the 1350’s as an example of medieval stained glass.  There is a large selection of stained glass windows in the building including in the lady chapel.

St Leonard in Tortworth –

This church is believed to have a depiction of Edward 4th dating from around 1470. This is quite unusual for a village church. Legend goes that one of his mistresses lived in the house next door.

Image credit

Holy Trinity in Rangeworthy

This church was built in Roman times but all the stained glass windows are modern. If you want modern windows that keep you warm with a quality finish then head to a Cheltenham Double Glazing company at links like

St Pauls at Clifton

The windows here deal with the life of St Paul.    They were installed between 1869 and 1877 by hardman and co. Other windows include the raising of Lazarous and Christ walking on water.

The story follows beautifully from one window to the next like in a story book but on windows.

St Christopher at Warden Hill

Built in the 1960s St Christophers is best known for its stained glassed windows which depict a parade from the gospels.  Designed by Tom Denny they were installed around 1985.

Signs that it’s time to upgrade your office

Have you looked around your office recently and think it looks a little tired? Some businesses update their offices regularly, because staying trendy and contemporary is an integral part of their industry. Some other businesses can run in the same environment for decades and may need an impetus to renew. Here are some signs that your office might be bypassed the best:

Get Extra Space with Custom Made Furniture

Each time we celebrate Christmas or a birthday, do you feel increasingly worried about where you will keep everything? Finding a suitable place for all your stuff can be an onerous task, but before worrying that you need to move to a bigger house, here are a few handy hints for making some highly desirable additional storage space:

For bedrooms, you might consider adding a second rail or rod to increase your hanging space. There may also be room for additional shelves, which is useful for jumpers and folded shirts. Choosing to install a bespoke wardrobe means that you can adjust your space and add useful features such as shoe racks, extra drawers and shelves – whatever you have the greatest need for. Having floor-to-ceiling wardrobes also maximizes the vertical space available in your room, which you can’t get with a free-standing cupboard. For bespoke Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes, visit

Image credit

When you choose customized furniture, you can use every bit of available space whatever the size or shape of your room. If you have space under a window, why not consider a chair made specifically with internal storage underneath? You can be truly creative with space that wasn’t previously used to get maximum storage.

A home with children often has difficulty with storage space in children’s rooms, which are usually among the smallest rooms in the house. This problem can become more apparent after birthdays and Christmas. Toys and games will be left lying around on the floor again, no matter how hard you try to arrange everything. You can inspire your children to tidy up items by providing fun and vibrantly coloured storage options in fun shapes and different sizes, for example. Take advantage of existing wall space with floor-to-ceiling shelves, which also has the benefit of making the room look bigger and more spacious. Once again, custom-made work will help you benefit from even small or strange spaces.

Downstairs, if you are sick of tripping over cables and charging technology, it will be useful to have special space for things like tablets, laptops, personal computers, phones and printers. You will be pleasantly surprised at how even an awkward corner can be turned into a place to work or study or a mini home office. Even the space below the stairs can be used for this purpose with a specially made table. You can insert as many drawers and shelves as you need so that the area is not cluttered with documents.

Image credit

What you need is a little creativity to prevent you from wasting unused or unusual space in your home that can be turned into a useful and valuable storage area. The surface of any unit that you make yourself can also be decorated with photos and family ornaments, giving you many opportunities to have stylish and attractive decorations. Don’t forget to look up and think of ways to maximize vertical space in any room as well.


These are the summer season dresses  you should be shopping for

The best need to have garments for the warm weather conditions, dresses tend to be adaptable and convenient and appropriate for all special occasions. There are actually a lot of useful dress variations to pick from which can be suited for use at pretty much all times of the day. Dresses are great to accessorise with for that night out and about,  or can be worn for a better level of comfort during daytime for that complete freedom and flexibility. Here are some fashionable dress designs that definitely deserve a spot in your closet ready for when it comes to summer.

5 Helpful Tips for Computer Science Freshman

Being a computer science major is a daunting four years of study. It encompasses a wide range of skills and subjects that will all come together to prepare you for what is hopefully a very lucrative and satisfying future. If you’re accepted to a program but aren’t sure what to expect, check out these five tips for incoming freshmen.

5 Tech Jobs You Can’t Get Without a Degree

Tech jobs. In today’s world where computers are constantly evolving and growing, shaping how we do just about everything, these career opportunities are everywhere. The industry is more in demand now than ever before, and the earning potential to work in the field is incredibly promising. A degree in technology is one perfect way to better your odds at achieving that dream job, and many of today’s top tech careers are impossible to land without one. Here are a few examples.

The 11 step process to set your life goals

Success in life is simply the achievement of the goals you are proposing to reach. A fundamental role is represented by the identification of success, that is, by the goals you want to achieve.

The main reason for the failure is that people do not develop new plans to replace those plans that did not work.

If you are ready, let’s start.

The process for setting goal and OKR goes through 11 very specific steps to follow in order …

Hindu head massage

This type of head massage is well known for its stressful properties. Eliminates accumulated tensions to promote clear thinking.

The Indian head massage has its origins in medicine Ayurvedic. For this reason, he has been practicing in India for a thousand years. Much later it was exported to Europe. In general, it is considered that in Western society we invest a lot of time in our lives using our heads. This makes it difficult to calm the mind and live in peace and harmony. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

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