Four Machines that are Essential to Modern Farmers

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Working on a farm is tough and heavy, physical work. In days gone by, many of the jobs on farms were done by lots of people and horses that are capable of pulling heavy loads, such as shire horses. However nowadays, there are many machines that all make working on a farm much easier – here are four essential farm machines…

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Cultivator – You are likely to see a cultivator at work in the fields before a crop is about to be sown. That is because they are used to aerate the soil and prepare it for the seeds to be planted. They are also sometimes used to control weeds in a crop field.

Tractor – A tractor is an incredibly useful machine for a farmer, and they come in many shapes and sizes, like these Solis tractors

Tractors are incredibly strong and versatile, so are ideal for a wide range of jobs on the farm, from construction to hauling.

Combine Harvester – This is a common sight on a farm during harvest period and the combine harvester makes short work of the harvest. What was once a combination of four activities that had to be done by hand (reaping, threshing gathering and winnowing) is all done in one process with a combine harvester.

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Baler – This is a machine that basically does what its name suggests – it is designed to compress crops that have been raked and then form them into bales that makes them easier to store and transport.


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